What Are The Adjustments On A Baitcast Reel?

What are the adjustments on a Baitcast reel?

No one can deny that the Baitcast reel gives us many opportunities to face more difficult challenges, either fulfilling the complex techniques we desire. It is always available in the arsenal of most experienced anglers, must acknowledge that it brings more success than reels, especially in bass fishing. However, the Baitcast reel is challenging to … Read more

What Are DC Reels?

What Are DC Reels?

Upgrades and improvements are expected in all areas to increase our excitement. Fishing is the same; there is always upgrading devices and giving more exciting things, helping us implement complex techniques. One of the most exciting things is the launch of Digital Control (DC). It has created an enchanting wave for fishing enthusiasts, someone fascinated … Read more

Should You Close Bail By Hand?

Should you close bail by hand

Since setting foot in the fishing sector, have you ever heard from someone who always insists that you have to close bail by hand? When I bought a spinning reel first, I always used automatic closing mode, not because of anything else, I didn’t know what to do. And there was something that happened and … Read more

Can You Cast With A Line Counter Reel?

Can you cast with a line counter reel?

For some, fishing is their life. Maybe it’s for a living, it’s perhaps for the quiet time, or it’s a hobby. No one can deny the benefits of fishing. For me, fishing is what connects generations in my family. My grandfather, father, me, and even my children were taught how to fish. And in this … Read more

Can You Switch The Handle On A Spinning Reel?

Can you switch the handle on a spinning reel?

There are many reasons for you to change the direction of handles from left to right or vice versa. One of them is that you are left-handed, using your right hand to retrieve. It is also possible that you feel uncomfortable with the direction of that handle or injury. Depending on different cases, sometimes the … Read more

How Many Ball Bearings Should A Fishing Reel Have?

How many ball bearings should a fishing reel have?

There’s just too much information for you to know about your fishing kit. If you are a beginner, you may be overwhelmed with it. But those are the things that force you to learn to bring exciting experiences instead of complex challenges, uncomfortable feelings. There are always questions to ask when learning about your setup, … Read more

What Do You Use To Grease A Fishing Reel?

What do you use to grease a fishing reel?

Having an effective fishing trip is what everyone wants. And something plays an important role to help us achieve it nothing but our fishing gear. For them to operate at total capacity, it is indispensable to preserve it. Greasing your fishing reel is a crucial stage in the reel maintenance process. It can extend the … Read more

Which Way Should A Fly Reel Face? (Fly Fishing Reels)

Which way should a fly reel face?

Knowing the features of your fishing gear and using it well will help you enhance the performance of your fishing trips. However, there is always an argument between whether the fly reel should be left or right hand retrieved. From that, if you gather information from other people or read on forums, you will probably … Read more

Can You Put A Baitcasting Reel On A Spinning Rod?

Can you put a baitcasting reel on a spinning rod?

The tough challenge that I always emphasized in my previous posts was setting up a fishing suit( rod, reel, line, guide,…) that works for you. Using the suitable is not only will it help increase the total amount of fish you catch, but it will also help you feel comfortable when performing the fishing techniques. … Read more