Can You Switch The Handle On A Spinning Reel?

There are many reasons for you to change the direction of handles from left to right or vice versa. One of them is that you are left-handed, using your right hand to retrieve. It is also possible that you feel uncomfortable with the direction of that handle or injury. Depending on different cases, sometimes the direction of the handle is not suitable for you.

So, can you switch the handle on a spinning reel? The answer is possible. With just a few easy operations, you’ve finished moving the handle from the left to the right and vice versa.

Can you switch the handle on a spinning reel?

Note, what changed here is just a handle, not a reel itself, don’t confuse it. Most of the current spinning reels have a handle that can switch direction easily at home without bringing to the store.

Before changing the handle, you must determine the direction that you feel most comfortable when retrieving. That is the most important thing.

If you don’t have the answer yet, refer to this article, I wrote all the things you need to know.

The left-handed or right-handed?

As I said, it is essential that you feel most comfortable. You will not work well with your reels if you feel uncomfortable with them.

However, the left handle is the current trend. 90% of anglers are right-handed people, so they will use their right hand to cast and retrieve the other hand. Some of its advantages:

  • You can perform complex techniques with your right hand (hands have more advantages).
  • When fighting the fish with a spinning reel, spin the handle when retrieving is nothing to pressure your unfavorable hands. You can still ensure the speed quickly when spinning.
  • Casting with the right hand, moving to the left hand, Retrieving with the right-hand sounds complicated, although many anglers are applying this measure (I can use both).
  • Doing everything heavier with your most substantial hand is permanently applied by people. Your reaction speed will be faster if a problem occurs when casting.

Because of these reasons, retrieving with the left hand is more famous for most right-handed fishers. Most manufacturers put a handle on the left of the spinning reel.

Note, I am referring to right-handed anglers. If you are left-handed, understand the opposite way.

How to switch spinning reels

Have you identified the direction of the reel handle that suits you? If already, do you still want to change your handle’s direction? How do you do?

It’s easy, with just a few simple steps in a few minutes, and you’re done at home. I will guide you to change the handle from left to right:

  • Step one: Turn the dust cap on the right of the reel until it ultimately comes out.
  • Step two:
  1. If you see that the dust cap is attached to a bolt in step one, in this step, you just need to slide it out.
  2. If the dust cap does not have a bolt, you have to turn the hand in a counter-clockwise direction until it is entirely out.

You first have to remove the dust cap to observe because if you try to remove the handle by turning it when the dust cap has the bolt, it will lead to a bearing with pressure, causing damage.

How to switch spinning reels

  • Step three: Insert the handle into the previous position of the dust cap and turn it in a counter-clockwise direction until it has completely matched. Note, don’t turn it too tight.

If you want it to work better the next time, you can apply a few drops of lubricants into a position of the handle before you reinsert it. If you don’t know what to use, all in  “What do you use to grease a fishing reel?

apply a few drops of lubricants into the reel handle

  • Step four: Attach the dust button to the left of the spinning reel. And you have completed done.

It’s pretty easy. Just note the things I said above; you can easily switch handles from left to right without causing your reel damage.

If you want to switch the handle from right to left, do the opposite and pay attention to my notes.

you can refer to the video below.


Instead of paying a sum of money and taking a few dozen minutes to run to the store and ask them to switch the handle, you can now do it at home within a few minutes.

I have completed guiding you on switching the handle from left to right and vice versa. The things I say above apply only to the spinning reel, don’t apply it to other reels.

I hope the article is helpful for you. Do you have any ideas about it?

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