What Do You Use To Grease A Fishing Reel?

Having an effective fishing trip is what everyone wants. And something plays an important role to help us achieve it nothing but our fishing gear.

For them to operate at total capacity, it is indispensable to preserve it. Greasing your fishing reel is a crucial stage in the reel maintenance process. It can extend the reel’s life and protect it before the harsh weather conditions by covering a layer of grease.

If you are a new person, this is quite difficult for you. Don’t worry; I will help you. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know to grease your fishing reel.

What do you use to grease a fishing reel? Use the best, safest, though more expensive, but don’t regret the money because it is profitable. Not every grease fits the reel and uses one type of grease for all fishing reel parts.

What do you use to grease a fishing reel?

I will list things that are noteworthy when choosing a suitable one for your reel, look at it, and decide.

Things are remarkable when choosing a grease for the fishing reel.

There is a lot of information online, and there is no answer that is entirely correct in what kind of grease is best. If you choose wrong, don’t worry, a few times will not seriously affect your reel.

Greases made from silicone will not be on my list. Although it has a pretty good anti-corrosion resistance, it lacks the strength film of suitable lubricating grease.

Besides, avoiding types containing TFE because I don’t see it bringing any benefits to me. It makes me uncomfortable when solidifying itself within the reel, causing gumming complications. Moreover, what makes me remove it first, nothing else than “expensive”.

I know many people are using WD-40; I won’t say you cannot use this type. However, this is the last type in the list of grease that I can use. Remember that type of alternative oil does not have the characteristics of lubricants exclusively for reel maintenance. It will leave a thin network layer on the surface of dust clinging when dry.

Note the following elements to choose suitable grease:

Thermal stability

That is an essential element, especially in winter environments. In this weather, you will not be able to spin the reel smoothly; it will be frozen between parts and affect your spinning speed.

Therefore, the thermal stability of grease plays an important role here. If it has high strength, it will not be solidified to help you still operate your reel smoothly. Choose the grease with thermal stability as high as possible.

Good lubrication characteristics

Grease is a mixture of oil and soap. Oil is a lubricant, and soap is a place to contain it. The best grease for the reel is soap can have more oil in each ml grease.

A lubricant with low dilution and viscosity is always your top priority choice. The friction between the parts is vast; to minimize that, you cannot ignore this factor. Low viscosity helps grease will quickly go to every corner, even hard-to-reach areas.

Note, you will have to replace the grease in the bearings more frequently than other parts because it works with high capacity, needs more heavy grease.

bearings work with high capacity, need more heavy grease

Corrosion inhibiting Properties

Rust is always an annoying problem for all anglers, especially saltwater fishing. When saltwater corrodes your reel, it is when you should think about buying a new one. However, grease with high corrosion resistance is a great thing to help us inhibit rust reels.

If you are a saltwater angler, I think you should use grease with high corrosion resistance as possible. My advice is that you should use synthetic greases.

Water-resistant abilities

Better invisible coverage on the outer side is quite necessary for your reel. Before attending corrosion inhibiting properties, I think you should focus on the water-resistant ability of grease will be better.

However, all kinds of grease with particular water-resistant abilities, but which kind of best is the most important thing. It has a higher water-resistant degree, which means it will be more durable than the other types and protect your reel longer. So, you will not need to grease reel regularly.

water-resistant abilities

Low oil and soap separation rates

It is the proportion of the amount of soap separated from the oil. This rate should be as low as possible; otherwise, the grease will bleed out and slowly harden again from that severe influence on your reel. It usually happens in old lubricants; check the type you are using.


I don’t know how other anglers are, but I always want something as optimal as possible. The light color will help you understand where you are greased and Transparent color to make you smeared, dirty look like a beggar.


This article only mentioned what kind of lubrication you should use. If you want to learn about grease the reel, I will have the following article.

Remember the factors I mentioned above and carefully observe the grease that you choose. As I said, once or twice will be okay but will give serious consequences that cannot modify in the long run. It is also when you should think about a new reel.

I have shared my experience on the topic “What do you use to grease a fishing reel?” I hope this article is helpful for you.

What about your opinion?

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