Can You Catch Trout On A Spinning Reel?

Can You Catch Trout On A Spinning Reel

When talking about the time I was only for freshwater fishing, what made me the most profound impression was trout fishing. These can be considered one of the most attractive freshwater fishing styles. In addition to the weather, water temperature, cloud cover, and the year’s season, the type of reel you use is also your … Read more

Can You Use A Spinning Reel For Musky?

can you use a spinning reel for musky

Musky fish is a large freshwater predatory fish native to North America. It is the largest member of the pike family. “The fish of 10,000 casts” is their nickname. So what kind of reel can we use for musky? Can you use a spinning reel for musky? Yes, you can use a spinning for musky. … Read more

Bass Fishing from a Kayak: All Things You Should Know

Bass Fishing from a Kayak All Things You Should Know

All about Bass Fishing from a Kayak Kayaks are becoming a more popular way to fish due to their versatility. They can get you into tight spots where larger boats can’t go, and they’re quiet. For this reason, bass fishing from a kayak is becoming more and more popular because you can sneak up on … Read more

Kayak Fishing for Catfish – All You Need to Know

Kayak Fishing for Catfish

About Kayak Fishing for Catfish If you are looking for a fun and different way to catch catfish, kayak fishing is the way to go! Although catfish may not be as popular as bass or trout fishing from a kayak, kayak fishing for catfish can still be an enjoyable experience.  Kayaks provide a great stealthy … Read more

Maine Deep Sea Fishing: Is It Worth Try?

Maine Deep Sea Fishing Is It Worth Try

All about Maine Deep Sea Fishing Are you looking for an unforgettable experience outside of the ordinary? Maine deep sea fishing is perfect for adventurous anglers and first-time fishers alike! Embark on your captivating journey as you drift among the chilly waters off the coast of Maine. Here, you’ll be able to discover some of … Read more

Is Belly Boat Fishing Worth trying?

Belly Boat Fishing: All You Need to Know

What is Belly Boat? A belly boat, also known as a float tube or kick boat, is a small, inflatable watercraft used primarily for fishing in lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers. It is designed to be worn like a pair of shorts, with the angler’s legs and lower body submerged in the water while sitting … Read more