Humminbird vs Lowrance: Which Is Better And Why?


Humminbird vs Lowrance: Which Is Better?

If you’re a fishing enthusiast in search of the right fish finder, chances are you’ve come across two popular options – Humminbird vs Lowrance. Both of these companies are well-known manufacturers of fish-finding products.

But what sets them apart from one another? While they have similarities, there are also some key differences to consider when deciding which is right for your needs.

In this blog post, we will give an unbiased comparison of Humminbird vs Lowrance, walking through their features, pros and cons, and more to help you determine which one is the best option for your fishing expedition. Read on to learn more!

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The Main differences: Humminbird vs Lowrance


When investing in a fish finder, you want to make sure you are getting value for your money. It’s all about features! It’s no good parting with large amounts of cash only to realize the features don’t quite meet your expectations! That’s why it is important to examine what Humminbird vs Lowrance offer- so let us take a look at their fantastic range of features ensuring maximum satisfaction on every fishing trip!


Humminbird is renowned for providing anglers with the most innovative and advanced technology. Their fish finders boast a range of features from basic CHIRP sonar to GPS units, dual display combos, down scan imaging, and side imagining technologies. Their devices also offer built-in mapping options as well as compatible software like Lakemaster and Navionics. 

The high-end models also offer versatility through wired or wireless connections via Bluetooth – ideal if portability is your goal! However, reliable performance may require a wired connection so it’s important to select carefully depending on what you need as an experienced fisherperson.



If you’re looking for an economical way to up your fishing game, Lowrance could be the perfect fit. They offer a range of budget-friendly fish finders with features designed to make finding and catching more doable without breaking the bank! For those who don’t want or need extra bells and whistles on their device, this line of products is ideal.

Lowrance provides a range of fish finders that cater to anglers’ needs and budgets, understanding the importance of only needing one thing – finding where the fish are.

From simpler models loaded with just enough features for a successful day out on the water to more advanced options such as DownScanning and StructureScan technologies.

Lowrance is also known for its expertly designed transducer technology that produces detailed imagery to help you locate the best fishing spots. It also offers several mapping options, including C-Map, Insight HD, and Navico WorldWide Basemap.

Number of Products

Why is the number of products offered by a manufacturer important?

With a plethora of products available, manufacturers can offer consumers the perfect solution to their needs. From preferences and tastes to unique fishing styles, having an abundance of options helps make sure everyone gets exactly what they’re looking for – no compromises!


Humminbird is confidently leading the industry by providing a wide range of products tailored to meet customer needs and expectations. Though Lowrance was once dominant, it seems as though its presence in the market has taken a backseat recently.

Rather than creating entirely new offerings, they modify existing successes – providing additional features or adjusting them slightly while still ensuring customer satisfaction and performance consistency through their tried-and-tested approach.

Humminbird’s successful execution of minor adjustments on existing products speaks volumes about its commitment to meeting customers’ satisfaction. The modifications made prove that what they offer works well, showing no need for drastic changes or discontinued items – just small tweaks here and there!

With a wide selection of fish finders, anglers are sure to reel in the perfect one for them! From PiranhaMAX and C-Map to Solix, ICE, and Helix 5/9/10 – Humminbird offers something suited for any type of fishing excursion.


Number of Products

Lowrance offers three distinct product lines for anglers: HDS Live, Hook, and Elite. The most popular among recreational fishermen is the Hook – and there are several variations of this model to choose from.

However, many experienced anglers have expressed disappointment with the quality that tends to come with a potentially hefty price tag – leaving them seeking out an alternative fish finder brand on their next fishing expedition!


When it comes to finding the perfect fish finder, price is a key factor. To ensure you get exactly what you need without breaking your budget, take the time to consider both features and cost before making a purchase.

The value must correspond with performance; after all, who wants an expensive device that doesn’t help them catch any fish? Let’s unlock which brands offer exceptional bang for your buck so you can reel in success—and not just empty wallets!


When it comes to Humminbird’s products, customers can be assured that the prices stay competitive to ensure the price isn’t a determining factor. To find true value for money spent on these items requires looking below the surface.

The competition between Humminbird vs Lowrance is heating up, as both offer comparable prices for their products. The determining factor then comes down to reviews – here’s where Humminbird excels with an impressive average review score of 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Not only that, but you’ll also get more features in your product at a lower price point when going through them versus Lowrance. It looks like the best choice for value compared to cost lies within the wonderful world of Humminbird offerings!

For example, Humminbird’s Helix 7 packs all three types of advanced sonar technology at a price point nearly 25% lower than similar solutions from Lowrance. Plus, if you forego some extra features and opt for its more wallet-friendly sibling—the perfectly capable Helix 5—you’ll get one of the best fish finders available for under $500!


Although Lowrance may not provide the perfect fish finder for your needs, it doesn’t mean you should count them out altogether. 

Looking for the best fish finder doesn’t have to break the bank. With price points unmatched by Humminbird, LOWRANCE offers plenty of options when it comes to making a great investment in fishing gear while keeping costs down.

For those looking to get more bang for their buck and maximize their savings, shopping around between brands can help make sure you land on just the right model at an unbeatable rate!

For example, Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5 is a great choice for any angler, combining SplitShot sonar technology with impressive mapping abilities at an unbeatable price. With such terrific value, it easily surpasses Humminbird’s offerings for the price!

Ease of Use

With the ever-evolving tech landscape, deciphering a fish finder can feel like an insurmountable task. But it doesn’t have to be! The right product should provide intuitive use and easy access to essential features though you don’t have specialized knowledge or technical expertise.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your fish finder, online forums can often provide the answer. Plus, there are plenty of tutorials available for all models and brands. For example, searching ‘Humminbird tutorial’ or ‘Lowrance tutorial’ will bring up lots of helpful information including useful tips and tricks to make using these devices a breeze!

So which brand offers the most user-friendly experience? Let’s explore Hummingbird vs Lowrance now!


Humminbird offers an impressive product lineup, ranging from easy-to-use basic models to more sophisticated options with a host of features. If you’re looking for something without too many add-ons and complexities, then the basics should fit your needs.

But if extra capabilities are desired, be sure to do adequate research before making that purchase – they may come equipped with functions you didn’t even know existed! It’s important not to forget that extra features also mean greater complexity – so be sure you’re comfortable operating your unit if you decide on something sophisticated.

However, navigating the more complicated models can be challenging; luckily Hummingbird is renowned for its top-notch customer service which provides ongoing support in addressing any queries and concerns.


Lowrance offers great versatility for anglers with its range of products. From simple devices to more complex features, the choice is up to you!

Lowrance allows anglers the choice of a pushbutton or touchscreen option for some items on their range, offering an alternative that Humminbird does not.

Those who find their fingers grimy or fish-scented appreciate the rare convenience of a pushbutton, while still being able to enjoy all that Lowrance has to offer.

Unfortunately where Lowrance falls short is in customer service – many consumers have raised complaints about poor customer support when seeking help and advice from this company.

GPS/Mapping Capabilities

With advancements in fish-finding technology, GPS and mapping are becoming an unmistakenly integral feature. In this comparison of Humminbird vs Lowrance, we’re looking to discern which brand offers the best GPS capabilities for anglers on the water.


With Humminbird’s comprehensive range of fish-finding products, you can now purchase GPS and chart plotters to help you navigate your fishing expeditions. Preloaded maps make it easy for those exploring a new lake or revisiting their favorite spots.

Moreover, preloaded maps included with the technology allow users to accurately map locations in any lake for efficient travel. For access to these features, one should expect a price tag upwards of $300 – however, this cost is minuscule when considering the vast array of benefits achieved by having instant navigation knowledge available at all times!

From tracking location and speed while trolling through exciting waters; right down to marking spots that require revisiting – using GPS mapping provides an unbeatable streamlined experience on each angling adventure!


Lowrance offers its GPS and mapping technology at the same price point as Humminbird, but it does come with some caveats. Their white screen feature requires users to design the lake view themselves – akin to a “paint” feature on your phone – which may not provide adequate assistance for real-time navigation.

For those wanting the best visuals with full control over lake shapes and other features, investing in a higher-end device from Lowrance may be worth considering.

If you are looking for detailed navigational capabilities without breaking the bank, Humminbird devices might be more suited to meet those needs.

Lowrance Side Imaging vs Humminbird Side Imaging

When looking for a fish finder, the side imaging function can be highly subjective. That is why we recommend taking our advice as guidance only; after all, one person’s least favorite might be another’s top pick! If there had to be an ultimate choice though? Humminbird would certainly come out on top! Its premium models not just offer more features than Lowrance’s options but also reduce your battery life worries with lower power consumption and fewer batteries needed when heading outdoors. Plus their Side Imaging gets even better – you get access to ethernet sharing, variable bandwidth, and a dedicated DI featuring unheard-of refresh rate speeds making it perfect for any aspiring fisherperson!

Their Side Imaging feature is truly unmatched and with each new upgrade, they’re setting an industry standard that Lowrance must constantly compete against or risk fading into obscurity.

The Pros and Cons of Each Brand’s Products



With decades of experience in the angling industry, Lowrance provides the perfect fish finder for any angler, no matter their budget or skill level. Their versatile range of products features small and lightweight models that are a breeze to use as well as advanced options boasting high-quality imaging. Their range of fish finders is available from 3.5″ to 9” screens to meet the needs of users from the professional to the weekend warrior. With years in the business, Lowrance can be trusted with all your fishing needs!


Whilst 3-4 inch units show great potential with their effective technology and features, there is more to consider when choosing larger models – like 5-9 inches. Despite having an obvious advantage for viewing SONAR readings at depths up to 10 feet deep due to increased screen resolution and image clarity; investing in these bigger sizes could be seen as paying extra solely for just that added space on display rather than any new advanced benefits or technologies compared with same size devices from other brands. Therefore it’s wise to evaluate if you need the additional visuals that come hand in hand before opting into this choice!

Moreover, side imaging and customer support aren’t the best.




Humminbird provides unparalleled customer service, making it the go-to brand for anglers. With a robust selection of affordable and mid-range units available, there is something to suit every budget. What’s more – Hummingbirds’ side scan feature offers unrivaled technology that will enhance any fishing experience!

Humminbird is a leader in the marine electronics industry when it comes to innovation. As pioneers of 360-degree SONAR and Side Imaging, they continually strive for excellence with their products. Despite the setbacks they faced with their earlier product launches, Humminbird continues to take risks that have enabled them to bring market-leading products such as Side Imaging technology into consumer reach at more affordable prices than ever before – it used to only be available on higher-end $1k models, a few years ago one had to invest over $1,500 for Lowrance’s StructureScan module with Side Scanning capabilities. But now, with models like Humminbird’s Helix 5 costing less than $500, you can enjoy crisp readings from side imaging without breaking your budget!

Humminbird provides unparalleled customer service, making it the go-to brand for anglers. With a robust selection of affordable and mid-range units available, there is something to suit every budget. What’s more – Hummingbirds’ side scan feature offers unrivaled technology that will enhance any fishing experience!


Although Humminbird has the PiranhaMax series offers a budget-friendly option, they are limited in what they can offer compared to the well-established Lowrance units. Humminbird’s recent decision to reduce the production of this line further suggests that its quality fails to meet customer expectations. For fishermen who need an affordable device and don’t want any compromise on performance, Lowrance is still clearly leading the way when it comes to fisheries technology solutions under $200.

Best 3 Fish Finders from Humminbird

1. Humminbird Helix 5 DI G2

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The Humminbird Helix 5 DI G2 features a 5-inch color TFT display, this lightweight device still packs a punch when it comes to finding fish and structure.

The powerful two-beam sonar featured in this product gives you an efficient coverage area with great detail. The narrow beam offers higher accuracy returns of fish, structure, and bottom profile while the wide beam covers more of an area when searching. 

Improve your view of what lies beneath your boat with the Down Imaging feature. You can view the beams separately, side-by-side, or blended for the complete sonar picture quickly and accurately.

Plus, all of this comes with simple keypad control and the included XNT 9 DI T Transducer that features dual CHIRP 2D Sonar and Down Imaging frequencies with built-in temperature sensors. With 20 feet of cable length, nothing will stop you from finding great fishing spots out on the water. 

2. Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP MSI GPS G3N

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The Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP MSI GPS G3N start with its powerful HD 7″ display, offering a wide viewing area with adjustable backdrop lighting for optimal viewing in any situation. Keep comprehensive control over your entire adventure with the simple-to-use keypad.

Enhanced Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar provides two modes – Wide Mode for maximum coverage, and Narrow Mode for focusing on fine details such as fish arches and structure with greater accuracy.

Using MEGA Side Imaging and MEGA Down Imaging, explore up to 125 feet to either side of your boat, as well as down from it, unlocking crystal-clear imagery that includes up to 3 times more output than traditional sonar systems.

And our internal GPS + Humminbird Basemap brings you accurate charting of more than 10,000 lakes in the U.S., plus coastal coverage for the continental U.S., allowing you peace of mind when navigating new waters or using them to create detailed maps using AutoChart Live technology. The networking model lets you tap into compatible Humminbird, Minn Kota, and Cannon products so you can access even more features from a single One-Boat Network!

3. Humminbird Helix 9 Chirp MEGA SI+ GPS G4N CHO

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This unit comes with a 9″ screen display with clear, high-resolution imaging; it also has MEGA Side Imaging+ and MEGA Down Imaging+ which produce detailed pictures of the water underneath your boat.

The CHO also allows you to pick the right accessory transducer to best meet your needs. Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar provides more accuracy and detail in readings and internal GPS with Humminbird Basemap makes it easy to keep track of where you are on the water.

This model is equipped with additional features such as AutoChart Live, Wi-Fi, NMEA 2000, Bluetooth, and Ethernet networking for compatibility with other products from Humminbird Minn Kota and Cannon.

Best 3 Fish Finders from Lowrance

1. Lowrance HOOK2

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This device offers a 4.3-inch LED-backlit Solarmax display that makes it easy to see in even bright sun and vividly displays any fish or structures in your way. Make use of its Autotuning sonar settings that allow you to quickly adjust your sonar without having to manually dial it in!

The HOOK2 has an internal map system with over 3,000 U.S. lakes included and precise contour guidance of 1 foot or less so you can easily find depth changes or track your favorite spots. Its microSD slot allows you to save your waypoints, routes, and trails for fishing expeditions.

2. Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Inch

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The Hook Reveal 5’s five-inch diagonal screen and 800×480 resolution offer crystal-clear viewing that makes it easier to identify targets quickly. And with its integrated SplitShot sonar system, you’ll get all the data you need to create detailed maps of North American standard bodies of water like lakes and rivers. Additionally, it comes preloaded with 4,000 US Lake Maps so that you can start exploring right away. 

The Hook Reveal includes AUTOTUNING SONAR which intelligently adjusts your settings as conditions change for optimal performance no matter where or how you’re fishing – all without any manual adjustments from you! With this feature, spend more time catching fish instead of fighting with tech settings! 

3. Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Inch

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With its large 7-inch screen, you can easily get a comprehensive view of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. 

The Hook Reveal also comes with C-MAP Contour+ US/CAN inland and coastal charts that offer high-resolution 1-foot contours on 8,900 U.S. lakes. This powerful tool makes it easier to find where the fish are hiding and start your fishing adventure right away. 

The TripleShot transducer provides wide-angle HIGH CHIRP sonar with an unsurpassed resolution for finding exactly what you’re looking for underwater. And not just individual fish! With its high-resolution images, you can also get detailed views of natural features like rock piles and other structures that hold larger groups of fish in one spot. 

For even more efficiency and accuracy, the Hook Reveal is fitted with Autotuning Sonar technology that automatically adjusts your sonar settings as conditions change – so you always have the most advanced readings at your fingertips without having to manually adjust a single setting! 


Is side imaging better than down imaging?

For avid anglers who prefer a shallow cast, side imaging sonar is your ideal choice. In shallower depths, side imaging is perfect for discovering the best spot to fish. On the other hand, down imaging delivers superior performance when scanning at greater depths and benefits those targeting deep-diving fish with vertical fishing tactics.

Is CHIRP better than sonar?

CHIRP sonar is much more advanced and powerful than regular sonar. Traditional sonar uses a single frequency which may not be able to pick up the fish, but with CHIRP, multiple frequencies are used which provides a clearer and more detailed picture of what’s below the surface. Traditional sonar devices emit brief pulses, whereas CHIRP sonars boast substantially longer transmission times of up to tenfold more energy into the water column. This makes them a powerful asset for anglers despite using less peak power than traditional fishfinders. 

Does Lowrance have CHIRP?

Yes, Lowrance has several models that offer CHIRP sonar technology. The Hook2 series offers TripleShot 3-in-1 CHIRP sonar with wide-angle, High CHIRP, and down scan imaging for a comprehensive look at the water below your boat.

Does the CHIRP wheel break?

No, the CHIRP wheel is designed to be robust and reliable. The CHIRP wheel was built with anodized aluminum construction, which makes it resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. Additionally, the material used for the CHIRP wheel provides a tight seal that ensures all electronics are protected from any water damage.

How shallow will side imaging work?

With the incredible Side Imaging technology, you can explore up to 75 feet away from your boat in just two feet of water! Uncover remarkable detail with unprecedented clarity.


If you’re stuck between the decision of Humminbird vs Lowrance, it comes down to what features are most important to you and your budget. If you want more features and can afford to spend a little extra, then Humminbird is the better choice. However, if you’re on a tight budget, Lowrance is still a good option that will provide you with the basic features you need. Ultimately, the choice is yours so make sure to do your research before making a final decision.

Thanks for reading our article. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. You can see more posts on our website here.

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