Can You Cast With A Line Counter Reel?

For some, fishing is their life. Maybe it’s for a living, it’s perhaps for the quiet time, or it’s a hobby. No one can deny the benefits of fishing.

For me, fishing is what connects generations in my family. My grandfather, father, me, and even my children were taught how to fish.

And in this article, my goal is to provide information about the line counter reel, contributing to helping you master your setup.

Can you cast with a line counter reel? No, I don’t think you should do that. Line counter reel is made for trolling.

Can you cast with a line counter reel?

It is consistently recognized that there is so much information to know about your setup, including reel, rod, line, lure, bait, etc. It will be a long process to learn. Therefore, learning from others is inevitable. But who will guarantee you that what they say is always correct? All of their advice and answers for you come from a personal point of view. Even mine too.

The most important thing you need to do is synthesize them, refine and give your own best path, don’t get lost in their thoughts.

Next, I will explain why you cannot cast with this reel. You can continue to refer to the article below.

Why can’t cast with a line counter reel?

If you browse the forums or some web pages, you may get the answer to cast with a line counter reel. I’ve seen many people say they cast 20000, 30000 times with the line counter without any harm. I have no idea about it.

However, the undisputed most significant advantage of the line counter reel is that the exact count of the lines you release helps to achieve the depth of bait you aim for while trolling. So, why do you insist on using a solid reel trolling for casting? For me, playing to the full potential of the setup has always been my goal.

The harms of it

So, what is the harm in using a counter reel for casting? First of all, casting distance will be drastically reduced, causing some damage to your counter as well as your reel. Unfortunately, line counter reels are often more expensive than other reels, and it will cost you a lot to repair.

Besides, for some people who are not proficient in thumb technique, casting with a line counter reel will lead to a terrible thing: nothing but backlash. Your reels will look like a bird’s nest. If you still want to use it for casting, I think you should take it out and practice your thumb technique for now.

Your reels will look like a bird's nest.

Finally, a baitcaster and line counter clamped on it will come with a fairly heavy rod to hold those, which results in the weight of your setup being not light at all. If you use it for casting all day, I think your arm won’t like that.

Efficient use of line counters

Their goal for each angler is to catch as many fish as possible. The larger the coverage area, the more fish you will catch. Many beginners drop rigs at the surface of the water. However, there are different depths beyond the surface: shallow line, mid-depth line, and deep line. Now, the volume of the whole lake is the coverage you should aim for.

Once your hunter is in the water, the thing to do is look at the counter readings and adjust the rigs for the desired bait depth. It would be best if you learned how to adjust the rig accurately and quickly in case of an emergency, which is what determines the total number of fish you catch.

Efficient use of line counters


An angler will not have only one reel and use those reels to the most effective use, making the most of it. Sometimes, you will have to use two reels simultaneously to handle an emergency.

However, I would only advise against using the counter reel to cast, and the decision is up to you. Many people still use it to cast, so feel free to do so if you like. Fishing is a hobby sport.

Those are the information I have shared with you; I hope it can be helpful to you.

What is your opinion about this article?

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