What Are DC Reels?

Upgrades and improvements are expected in all areas to increase our excitement. Fishing is the same; there is always upgrading devices and giving more exciting things, helping us implement complex techniques.

One of the most exciting things is the launch of Digital Control (DC). It has created an enchanting wave for fishing enthusiasts, someone fascinated by its sophisticated technology, someone because of the sound it emits when working. Besides, the benefits it brings are something that no one can deny.

What are DC Reels? Digital Control or DC is a microcomputer system equipped inside the reel that has a speed tracking effect of Spool to calculate and introduce the optimal brake force after 1/1000 seconds to adjust the casting process. The thing you need to do is whip the lure out there, and the reel will do the hard work.

That is one of the genius designs. In 2018, Curado 150 DC was released and won the best show casting reel award at ICAST. Since then, DC Reel has had a broader influence on the fishing world. Aaron Martens – A professional bass angler- is an example-he used it to fill livewells and cash checks.

Next, I will explain more about DC Reels and share my views and knowledge; you can refer to the article below.

The benefits that DC reel brings

Self-supplying energy

A self-powered computer chip controls the Digital Control system. That means it doesn’t need any battery or power.

Its operation mechanism is at the beginning of the casting process, the spool spin and create energy stored in the Digital Control circuit board, then transmitted to the Digital Braking system to calculate and give appropriate braking forces to adjust casting.

Better casting distance and accuracy

In the years of launching DC rolls, I had to spend a sum of money to test it, not cheap; sure, DC is a proven technology dedicated to Shimano’s high-end products.

I tested it along with my usual casting reel. After many practices, I found that its distance was a little superior. 30-40 meters are unreasonable but still 15-20 meters.

The accuracy is also significantly increased thanks to the Digital Braking system.


Go to an essential part and deserve these DC reels’ most expectations. Just looking at the way after 1 / 1000s, it gives a suitable brake force to adjust the casting process; we can see how it prevents backlash.


This is happy news in the sky for beginners – those who are not proficient in using their thumbs like a brake. Your reel will not look like a bird’s nest. In a hundred times casting, I just met once backlash, but it only takes a few seconds to solve it.

However, it only works well with people who know how to use it. You will have to adjust the installation that suits you; otherwise, this system will be useless.

You can meet some people who don’t need the digital control system on their reels; why? Because they are well-skilled with all kinds of reels, they are familiar with thumb pressure during casting for all weather conditions.

For me, I still like to use a more traditional casting reel because I’m confident in my thumb.

Remove some learning curves

DC Reel is the perfect choice for those who want to get used to casting reels without too big learning curves. It ignores that you have to understand the reel to master cast, especially thumb techniques. It also helps them conduct casting easier in bad weather conditions, such as the strong wind.

However, it doesn’t help us know what we don’t know. You never use thumbs; you will never know how great it is.

More things about DC reels

More things about DC reels

The baitcasters are equipped with the Digital Control system though not too expensive but not cheap. Most anglers are geared to the reels of about $ 100, and a 200 $ average one like DC Reel is difficult to decide buy.

Is spending an additional amount of money just in exchange for increased casting distance worth it for professional anglers? I don’t know any others, but for me, acceptable. I always want to maximize the performance of fishing trips, and I am willing to spend money because of it. Moreover, an angler cannot only have a single reel; why not try buying one and experiencing it.

For beginners getting acquainted with casting reels, my advice is to buy a reel immediately equipped with the Digital Control system, familiarize themselves with the castings, and do not need to be troublesome with backlash. After proficiency with it, you can switch to conventional casting reels if desired.


The benefits of the DC system are what people cannot deny; it deserves to be dedicated to Shimano’s high-end products.

I explained to you all I know about the Digital Control system and pointed out its benefits along with my personal views. I hope it is helpful for you. Do you have another idea?

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