Can You Catch Trout On A Spinning Reel?

Can You Catch Trout On A Spinning Reel

When talking about the time I was only for freshwater fishing, what made me the most profound impression was trout fishing. These can be considered one of the most attractive freshwater fishing styles. In addition to the weather, water temperature, cloud cover, and the year’s season, the type of reel you use is also your … Read more

Can You Use Baitrunner Reel For Feeder Fishing?

can you use baitrunner reel for feeder fishing

Method feeder fishing uses one of the cornerstone principals in catching fish, it presents a baited hook in amongst some fish food. This technique is often used to catch carp and some other fish of the same family. So, what are the reels for method feeder fishing? Would I be better to use a bait … Read more

Can You Fish On A Bottom With A Baitcaster?

can you fish on a bottom with a baitcaster

Bottom fishing is the go-to technique for countless anglers out there, and it’s easy to see why. Known for its fun, action-packed outings, it can produce catches of pretty much any size. Baitcasters are used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from casting lures, to surf casting and big game fishing. The most popular … Read more

What Reel For Float Fishing?

What reel for float fishing

Have you ever float fishing? I do, sometimes, and I enjoy the feeling of sitting to wait and watching the float bobbing on the surface of the water. And not long after that, I experienced the amazing and exciting feeling as it vanished in front of me and sank into the water. That is also … Read more

How To Fix The Spincast Reel?

how to fix the spincast reel

For some people who don’t have a lot of experience or simply don’t want to deal with situations like line twists or backlash, the spincast reel, aka push-button reel, is where they belong. It’s easy to use and doesn’t face problems like other reels, which is why children, women, or inexperienced anglers often use them. … Read more

Does Fly Reel Color Matter?

Does fly reel color matter

Does fish see colors?  Yes, they do! In many cases, fish color vision is probably comparable to that of humans. A very important factor in fish color vision also is water depth. But does that affect fishing? Does fly reel color matter? The answer is that fly reel color does not matter to the fish, … Read more

Should I Use A Baitcaster?

Should I use a baitcaster?

The debate between baitcasting and spinning gear is one that never ends. Everyone has a different fishing style and preferences, so everyone thinks their personal views are correct, leading to unnecessary conflicts. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages for different uses. Sometimes, baitcasting gear won’t handle urgent situations; that’s when we use spinning. No … Read more

What Do I Do If I Get Sand In My Fishing Reel?

what do I do if I get sand in my fishing reel

On the beach fishing day and you drop your reel into the sand. That first of all is really bad because sand will get into the gears, the little rock will actually break the gears. Those make it less smooth and unleasant to fish. What do I do if I get sand in my fishing … Read more

What Do The Numbers On Fishing Reels Mean?

what do the numbers on fishing reels mean?

Not you own the most expensive, best, your fishing trip will reach the highest efficiency. The important thing here is to understand how your reels operate and master them. No one can deny that understanding and mastering it is a complex problem. There are so many things you have to know; you will have to … Read more