How To Fix The Spincast Reel?

For some people who don’t have a lot of experience or simply don’t want to deal with situations like line twists or backlash, the spincast reel, aka push-button reel, is where they belong. It’s easy to use and doesn’t face problems like other reels, which is why children, women, or inexperienced anglers often use them.

However, nothing is perfect; some mechanical failure on the spincast reel will be something you have to deal with. But, it will not take too much of your time, they are pretty simple, and you can do it right at home.

Possible mechanical failures are gears appear to be rough when turning the handle, the eel will not pick up line, the thumb button won’t push in, and so on. Although it sounds like many failures, they have the same things in common, so it is not too complicated to use it.

So, how to fix the spincast reel? All I write below is the answer to the question.

How to disassemble your spincast reel

To learn how to fix the spincast reel, you must first know how to disassemble the reel.

Step 1: Turn counterclockwise while holding the handle to remove the front cover of the spincast reel; rotate until you can remove it altogether.

Step 2: Disassemble the back cover

Step 3: Remove the nut or screw that holds the handle, then remove the handle from the spindle.

Step 4: Continue removing the nuts and pulling the assembly that protects the reel spool.

Step 5: Release the spring and the washer, which you can see when you reach this step.

Step 6: Pull the rod and the reel gears out of the reel.

Those are all the steps to taking apart all the parts on your spincast. And you just have to reverse everything to reassemble. If you know how to disassemble the reel, you can start fixing all the errors inside and outside of it.

how to fix the spincast reel

How to fix a push button reel? (spincast reel)

Next, I will describe each type of error and how to fix it, so you can refer.

The thumb button doesn’t push in.

This is a common problem with older spincast reels. This phenomenon occurs because the grease is dry and causes the pinion gear and the center shaft to get stuck.

To fix it, in some simple cases, you can oil the shaft and work the gear loose. If it still shows no progress, you will have to remove the gear and soak it in a solvent or a small gasoline container for a few minutes.

However, when the thumb button doesn’t pop up after depressing, there are a few cases where it’s not because the grease is dry but because the thumb button hinge ears broke. In this case, you will have to go to the store and buy a new one to replace it. It could also be because the thumb button spring is broken or bent; you just need to return it to the original position of the table.

When casting, the line occasionally jerks to a stop

If this occurs, you can remove it, grease it, or soak it in hot water; note; you must remove all reel lines.

Another cause of this problem could be that you use a lure that’s too much heavier than specified and cause the line wear groove because the line friction and line get stuck in the area next to the line pickup pin. You should order a new spool cover from the company to work around this.

Harms caused by dirt on the reel parts or lack of lubricant

  • Drag is stuck (will not play outline)
  • Reel handle is hard to crank
  • The anti-Reverse feature will not work
  • Gears appear to be rough when turning the handle
  • The reel will not pick up line.

It was a consequence of the build-up of dust in the reel’s parts and the lack of lubrication for it. The only thing you need to do here is which part is faulty, remove that part, clean and lubricate it.

Remember that lubrication is a pretty important step; it helps your reel operate smoothly and increases the reel’s life.

how to fix a push button reel


I have covered all possible spincast reel errors that I know of. I have only used it through a few spincast reels, and I don’t know much about it. If possible, I would recommend using it only to get used to fishing, don’t use it as your primary weapon as it’s just something for beginners. A spinning or baitcasting reel is what you should aim for.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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