How To Clean A Spincast Reel

Spincast is a simple, cheap and easy-to-use roll type. They are very suitable for children and beginners. But do you know how to spool a spincast reel properly?

Actually if you know how Clean A Spinning and A Baitcaster. You will easily grasp the way to Clean A Spincast. If you do not know, you can refer them here: How To Clean A Spinning Reel; How To Clean A Baitcasting Reel

In this article, I will guide you How to clean a spincast reel properly. And at the end of the article, I will show you how to swap the handle from right-hand users to left-hand users. Let’s start!

What can I use to clean my spincast reel?

The tool you need is a small screwdriver. Make sure you have the right screwdriver. So you’re not stripping the screws that are in here. Also, it would help if you had a large flathead screwdriver and then obviously some oil and grease.

A little paper to clean and, of course, a neat space so you don’t lose the details of the reel after taking it off.

How to clean a spincast reel

Alright, the first step is to tighten down your drag all the way. Next, we will press the button and unscrew the front cover assembly. 

Now, if we hadn’t pressed that button, these little nubs on both sides would be sticking out. It’d be very difficult, if not impossible, to unscrew this front cover assembly. So by depressing the button, those nubs retract, and now your front cover assembly comes on and off very easily.

Ok, in the next step, we will restrain the handle and unscrew the spinner head assembly. It’s going to pop, and then it just screws right on-off. Next, our spool is exposed, which is why we have tightened down our drag all the way. It essentially locks down the spool to twist it on and off. If we didn’t tighten down the drag, it would be just kind of free spin, and you can’t get any torque on it. So we’re going to tighten down that drag all the way.

What can I use to clean my spincast reel

We’re going to look at the arrows. There is clockwise to remove counterclockwise to install. So we’re going to turn it clockwise until it stops and pulls it out. So fit it into the grooves, turn it counterclockwise, lock it.

The next step is to unscrew these two little screws above the plate below the spin. This one on this site has a little gear in the way, so you might have to wiggle that gear out of the way. Make sure you have a good seat on that screw, so we’re not stripping it.

So now we find the screw head. We’re well seated, and we’re just going to twist off. What that’s going to do is it’s going to release your back cover assembly slowly. Down here on the bottom. So let’s get the other side unscrewed. Now our back cover assembly is starting to break loose.

Now our back cover suddenly pops off. Two screws. All you got to do is apply oil on these two bearings upfront. So you got a bearing on the left and then a bearing up top there. Then you got this vertical gear up top, and all I got to do is apply a little bit of grease up there, and now the reel is properly lubricated.

step by step to clean close face reel
what do i do to clean my spin cast

And when it’s done, You’re going to reinstall the back cover plate, and you don’t want to forget your drag wheel. I always do that, so we’ll put the drag wheel back in. We’ve reinstalled the back cover assembly. Now we’re going to throw our screws back in, and we’re just going to scroll down.

Snug it up, snug up the other side you don’t want to strip the screws out. Spin to make sure it works. There is also a bearing up, and we can put some oil on. So now we’re going to put our spool back on. We’re going to line it with the grooves, slide it right on, twist it counterclockwise. Restrain the handle screw the spinner head assembly back on.

How to oil the spin cast

So now that’s on, we’re going to depress the button and screw our front cover assembly back on. Now, of course, the spool I put on still has a rubber band on it, and if you were going to set this up to go fishing, you would want to run your line through it.

So we’ll twist the front cover would want you to run your line through it. So we’ll twist the front cover back to check the functionality. So we’ve properly lubricated and cleaned the reel.

How to switch a spincast from right to left

So now we’ll show you how to swap the handle assembly. All you got to do is unscrew this cover plate on the left side of the reel, and that exposes a crank rod nut. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to screw that crank rod nut. It will pop out, and then your handle assembly pops right on out.

We’re going to pop it on the left side. Just twist it till it goes in. We’ll install the crank rod nut on the opposite side. Twisting it down just until it’s snug. Screw this cap back on and snug it down, and there you go now. The reels are all set up for left-hand users. That’s all you got to do.

How to switch a spincast from right to left

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Are spincast reels for beginners? Yes, Spincast is a cheap and easy-to-use flutter. They are suitable for children and beginners. Experienced anglers use spinning, bait casting, or fly gear, all of which are supposed to be more Sophisticated. …


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