How To Attach A Reel To A Fishing Rod

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With every angler, it can be knowing how to attach a reel to a fishing rod. But have you ever been out fishing and realized you don’t know how to attach them? Let me show you How to do it easily.

For each reel, they have each type of appropriate fishing rod. Therefore, attaching a reel to a rod of each type will also be different. In this article, I will guide you on doing them as simple and accurate.

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How to attach a spinning to a rod

Let’s start with a spinning, and you know spinning has a little different look to it. If you look at the rod, the eyes are going to face downward. Generally, the spinning rod is a little lighter. Picking the spinning combo is when I’m fishing lighter baits lighter lures.

This is what you’ll have to do if you don’t buy a combo rod set up. The combo would already be on there together for you.
Now what you need to do is slide the rod seat. That is called a rod seat. This is where the reel goes into.
Pushing it up in there, hold your thumb down at the bottom. Keep it in place and screw it down tight. You want to screw it down as tight as you can without breaking it.

How to attach a spinning to a rod

One thing you should probably remember is that A baitcaster is good for heavy lures, and not very suitable for light lures. This is because of their structure. You can refer to this article for more clarity: Baitcaster Vs Spinning Reel

For A Baitcaster, you need to pay attention to their dimension to avoid error installation.

Find your reel seat on your rod, front, and your reel bottom. What you need to do now is slide it in then with the top part of your reel seat, screw it down get it pretty tight.

How to attach a baitcasting to a rod

Mounting a fly reel on a rod

With a fly reel, it seems to be a little more complicated but in general, you can completely do it.

Every reel has a reel seat and those fly rods at the bottom of the cork grip. It’s not so one end of the seat. Goes into the bottom of the cork grip. Then on the other end, there’s usually a low metal piece it slips over.

The other end of the reel seat and then there will be a nut on there that you turn to tighten it up and you want to make sure that you get this nice and snug and then after you’ve been fishing for just a little bit. Make sure that it’s still on there snug so it doesn’t come off during your casting or fishing motions. And that’s how you put the reel on the fly rod.

Mounting a fly reel on a rod

How to attach a spincast to a rod

Suppose you’re picking a rod for a spincast. We want to make sure it’s what’s called a casting rod-style rod, and if you look at it, the best way to determine that is casting rods have a trigger grip at the bottom, and we’re going to use this style for casting reels for push-button style close face casting reels and also conventional casting reels.

All we want to do if you look at that spin cast reel. It’s just got a cleat at the bottom. They call it a reel seat, and we’re going to place it in the female side to that rod. And almost all these rods have a mechanism to tighten that reel on there, pretty much like attaching with a baitcaster.

How to attach a spincast to a rod

How to take reel off fishing rod

If you want to take the reel off the fishing rod, just reverse the process where you inserted them. A small note here is that when removing, be careful that your reel falls, leading to damage.

Questions & Answers

Can you attach any reel to any rod? No, they aren’t universal and you can’t always do this. You wouldn’t put a heavy saltwater reel on a 5-weight bamboo fly rod. They must match the rod. Each type of reel should have a rod attached, that’s why you should buy a combo.


You already have the answer to the “How to attach a reel to a fishing rod”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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