Are Closed Face Reels Any Good?

Nowadays, fishing activity is gradually becoming popular, and it is a perfect outdoor activity game. Loved by many people, including children.

But the current fishing reels are pretty large and heavy for children, so is there any type of fishing reel suitable for children? Make it easy for our kids to use. The answer is yes. They are called closed face reel or spin cast

Are closed face reels any good? Yes, they remain a favorite fishing tool for catfish fishing and young beginners in general. Their prices are very low, simple, and easy to use. But they also have many significant shortcomings.

If you are going to buy a spincast or closed face reel to use, or simply want to learn about them. I think this article is for you, I will also share more about how to use spincast reel for you. Let’s get started!

What is a closed face (spincast) reel.

A closed face reel is basically an easily operated spinning reel. Their parts are surrounded by a metal shell. They’re also known as spin-cast reels.

However, the spincast reel eliminates the large wire bail and line roller of the spinning reel in favor of one or two simple pickup pins and a metal cup to wind the line on the spool.

The spincast reel is an attempt to solve the problem of backlash found in baitcast designs, while reducing line twist and snare complaints sometimes encountered with traditional spinning reel designs.

Closed face reels are designed using little spools that have comparatively smaller line capacity. The small design is to make them more comfortable and convenient to hold and use.

What is a closed face spincast reel

This is the reel that most beginners use. The spincast reel is the perfect choice for young children to start developing their casting skills as it is so easy to use. With a small weight attached to the rope, beginners can learn how to handle it correctly

These are great reels for catching bluegill, crappie, trout, perch, small fish and even large bass. Their limitations are the limited number of castings, the small spool size, and they are mainly made of plastic

Spincasting is a fishing reel for young anglers, or those just starting to hit the water. It is not difficult to use this reel, you can try them out.


  • The price is quite cheap
  • Easy to use, suitable for beginners.
  • No backlash and easy maintenance.
  • Can be used with one hand


  • Cheap production materials
  • Limited line capacity
  • Weak drag system
  • Difficult to repair 

How to use a spincast reel

 A spin casting or closed-faced reel. How to use it? 

This is the reel that I started off using when I was a kid. It’s a zip code 202 been around for decades, super easy to use great for kids and great for people of very little fishing experience. Kind of hard to mess this up.

 The line comes out a hole on the top, this is designed for the reel to be on top of the rod the guides to be pointing up towards the sky. When we’re turning the handle unlike the spinning reel which goes on the bottom.

The first thing you’re going to want to do when you cast this reel is make sure that your reel and the line guides are pointed to the sky. Unhook your hook so the line is free and point your feet in the direction you want to cast. That’s gonna be your aim.  You’re gonna take your thumb and push down the button on the front of the real.

How to use spincast reel

Small children can even hold this with two thumbs in case it’s hard to hold down with one. Make sure you take a look behind you make sure nobody or anything is there.

Bring the rod behind you slow and low. Now as you bring it forward, you’re gonna want to let go of your thumb like you’re letting go of a ball. 

Let the line sink just a little bit and click the reel over. So that your line is locked in and you’re ready to fish. 

Can you catch big fish with a spincast reel?

That is not easy at all. Because the spool is concealed under the cover, many anglers don’t realize that they are low on line suddenly they don’t have enough to cast or play a big fish. It’s not easy to spin a spincast, but you can spin the handle while a big fish is running


You already have the answer to the “Are closed face reels any good?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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