Can You Use A Spinning Reel For Shark Fishing?

If you’ve read my previous posts, you will realize that I always mention suitable reels that match the fishing style that is always troublesome.

Each person has a different style and depends on conditions, where you fish, the weight and size of the fish you aim for, budget, and other factors to choose a suitable reel.

So, can you use a spinning reel for shark fishing? Definitely, yes, the spinning reel will be a good choice if you only target smaller sharks from the shore.

target smaller sharks from the coast.

The theme of this article is shark; I will introduce a preliminary on this category of fishing.

Things to know about shark fishing

Sharks are often considered to be the top predators in the vast ocean. Shark fishing is always a game that brings high excitement to anglers who like an adventure. You can always find this fishing category in adventure game charts.

Shark is usually considered a sport for people with many muscles because these fish are challenging to catch, long runs, rolling when hooked, and especially those sharp teeth. Therefore, to meet the needs of this difficult fighting, you will need a powerful and high-quality setup.

There are more than 500 different shark species that live in different environments. Species are living in deep water while species are living on the beach. Stretching from the west to the east beach, you can find many different shark species like makos, threshers, black tips, sandbar, blue sharks, hammerheads, broad-nosed several, and so on.

Things to know about shark fishing

Choosing a spinning reel for shark fishing

The first thing you must never forget is that you need a quality spinning reel for shark fishing. You will not be able to fight them with only a cheap, poor-quality reel. A good shark spinning reel must hold a lot of high-breaking strain lines, having a powerful drag system with a very high-quality set of internal gears. Note, Shark is saltwater, so you need to ensure your reel has enough safety measures to limit the corrosion from salt in saltwater. And proceed to clean it after every shark trip.

Many fish species like smaller sizes from the shoree are also fish you will use a spinning reel to catch. Choose a spinning reel with sizes 6000 to 10000, and can hole line is rated at least 50 pounds in weight.

I often suggest that size 8000 is the most balanced choice for anglers around me. Besides weight and where you fish, you have another important factor that greatly affects your choice of a spinning reel, nothing but budget. Want to buy the strongest reel possible? Sorry if you have enough money.

The spinning reel will be the best option if you only fight with sharks not much bigger than a few feet. However, if big boys are roaming into your fishing area, you will not be able to use it to fight them. Therefore, preparing a single reel and a conventional reel will be a better choice to fight bigger sharks.


Shark fishing is increasingly popular, becoming a scary hobby for strong anglers. They can catch sharks to get meat, enjoy shark steaks, or merely look for adventurous feelings and excitement when fighting the ocean’s peak predators.

When choosing a reel for a shark, remember two main factors that strongly affect your success when fighting these fish: their weight and where you fish. An external factor needs to consider your budget; ignore it if you are excess to finance.

A spinning reel is only suitable for catching smaller sharks from the shore, and a conventional reel can fight larger sharks in deep water.

I shared all info I know about the question “Can you use a spinning reel for shark fishing?”. I hope this article is helpful for you. Do you have any ideas?

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