Can You Use A Baitcaster For Trout? (The Way of Using Baitcasting Reel)

If you are starting going fishing, having a suitable fishing gear setup including reels, rods, lures for yourself is always a challenge for you. But once when we have the right gear for fishing and use them for a long time, it can be not easy for angles using a baitcaster to switch to a new style because fishing is a sport that depends a lot on your habits.

If you ask me what kind of fishing reel I like most among the reels I used, I can answer you with certainty that it is none another one than the using baitcasting rig. I’ve been using it to go fishing for 15 years now, and I love the way it caught fish, powerful and definitive. So I don’t intend and don’t want to switch to spinning reel or any other reels.

Can You Use A Baitcaster For Trout? If you are only asking if it is possible or not, the answer here is definitely yes, and you can troll with them. I suggest reducing lures to 1/8 oz or less.

Usually, we know bait casting reels as large reels with professional and robust handling, as opposed to casting lightweight lures like trout fishing. Because it requires dexterity by small and light fish that are common in size from 6-12 inches.

Therefore, you should ask the most real question here is Should you use a bait caster for trout?. To answer this question, I would share with you things we have drawn from our own experience and select the most helpful information in this article to help you come up with your answer.

Should you use one baitcasting reel for trout?

Practically speaking, I wouldn’t recommend you to use a baitcasting reel for trout as Their features are suitable for fighting big fish. However, thanks to today’s step-by-step technology, the size and weight of the baitcaster have been lighter somewhat, from that, can use baitcasters for this type of fishing.

As I mentioned above, switching from baitcaster to spinning reel is very difficult once it has been with you for a long time.

Advantages/disadvantages of bait casting reels


Very long cast

A baitcasting spool is located on the reel and perpendicular to the rod. So it would allow the line to retrieve and release straight from the spool out to the guides, making the fishing process smoother and faster. It also helps to reduce transmission line friction, significantly increasing distance to cast. That is quite an essential factor that you may use in helping you succeed in a fishing session.

baitcaster's location on rod

Controllability and precision

That is also another significant factor in an effective fishing trip. Fortunately, this is its forte, and no angler can deny that it is more accurate than other forms of fishing. It also has finesse system reels.

Besides, the brakes are getting better and better, and you have the ability to adjust them, which means you can throw exactly where you want to fish.

Line compatibility

One thing worth noting here is that you can use any line with this reel, and it will still work in the best possible way. However, my advice is to use monofilament because the trout will not attack your line as other aggressive fish, and it also helps to reduce some of the cost.

Reduce the possibility of line twisting

That is quite a frustrating problem for most spinning reel anglers, you’ll have to stop the euphoric fight to solve that.

twisting the line

That problem is gone with the baitcaster because the line is released and retracted along the rod.

However, it is impossible to ignore its disadvantages, and you would read carefully to see if you are suitable with.


Higher cost

That is a problem that baffles this reel enthusiast. The cost of it tends to be higher than other reels. However, it’s worth the money; it’s always said you get what you pay. It is more durable and helps us to have the best possible experience.

Difficult to use, backlash

To master and use baitcaster, you will have to spend some time getting used to it. It won’t be easy to use for newbies. You won’t know how to adjust the reel’s brakes, reduce spin speed, and do other things with your thumb. Those are pretty complex issues. 

With spinning, all you do is spin it, spin it continuously. Although I may have less free time, overall I quite like that way of fishing, quite easy to use.

How to cast a baitcaster?  It depends on a lot of factors like where I will cast, the lures I use. there are two common types of lures that you can cast is to let them sit in the water or twitch them around to cast.  You may refer to the way they spring trout fishing in the video below.

Besides, it is more prone to backlash than other reels. While that’s less likely to happen to the more experienced, it’s undeniable that it tends to be more inclined to backlash. I have faced that situation before.

backlash on baitcaster

Tips for choosing the right baitcaster for trout fishing

You need to pay attention to when you use the baitcaster or buy a new gear trout fishing for trout always to choose a light one. To do that, you must first distinguish between modern baitcasters and older reels. Most older reels are heavier, bulkier, and not intended for trout.

Next, I recommend using a reel under 6 ounces and having a 4-pound test line. These can help you succeed to cast baitcaster for trout. And to go with it, you should use a rod that has less than 10 ounces.

Stream size salmon and lake trout

lake trout fishing

When trout fishing, people usually only think of stream trout species like rainbows trout and brown trout but forget about lake fish. There is a considerable difference in trout in these two places. Most lake trout outgrow any of their brethren, which are considerably larger.

For that, you need a more powerful gear to cast it like a heavier line, a stronger rod, a heavier jig. From there, you don’t need to bind the power of the baitcaster anymore.


With today’s technology, I think trout fishing with a baitcaster is always a viable option. However, as I mentioned, this is a hobby sport, so if you’re used to it, use it, don’t hesitate.

Always keep in mind when fishing for stream-size trout with a baitcaster; I suggest always choosing the lightest one you can find on the market. That will be an essential factor in whether or not you succeed.

I always put gear setting first because that’s what makes me successful in fishing. I have shared all my experience with using a max light baitcaster for trout, and I hope it can help you.

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