When Should I Use Leader On Fishing Line? All About Fishing Leader Line

As I mentioned in the articles posted ago, Setting up everything about your gear include leader lines, rods, reels to suit you to give you the best fishing experience is always a challenge you. It can take a few years to get a suitable fishing set when the angler does not know where to start.

And leader line is also the most basic tactic you must know on your way of discovery. And fortunately, I’m here to help you shorten some of the processes.

To be able to dive into the topic of leaders, you must first understand what does line leader mean? Leaders are long lines connected between the mainline( mono main line and fluorocarbon fishing line or titanium line) and the hook through the knot, usually, you should use the blood or double uni knot (line-to-line) or the Palomar knot (swivels) of fishing leader lines. the knot is very necessary for line fishing leaders

fishing leader line

So, when should I use leader on the fishing line? The answer here is any time. Almost any time fishing, no matter what fishing, using the leaders is my habit. I always put it in m backpack

For a deeper understanding of the topic, you can continue reading this article.

Benefits of using leader.

Reduce the possibility of breakage with a leader line

Many people have a headache because fish with sharp teeth or scales like pike, gar, shark, and some other similarly strong species can be ready to attack the fishing line and break your line at any time, and then you again have to spend money to replace the new wire. Not to mention sharp underwater objects like rocks, barnacles, shells, reefs, etc., are also a threat to your fishing line.

With leaders used, you can no longer worry about such issues. These fishing lines usually have higher strength, a larger diameter than the main line, and excellent abrasion resistance. so you can comfortably fight the fish with a wire leader

Leader lines can help avoid twisting the line.

Wire twists have always been a frustrating problem for anglers. It can take us a long time to troubleshoot, thereby losing an effective fishing session. And when it exceeds the limit of the rope’s tolerance, lines can cause breakage. What should we do to solve this problem? using leaders. When fighting a fish, it may fight back by squirming, swinging back and forth, leading to your lines getting twisted. 

twisting the line

In this case, a swivel is a perfect choice for you. It can rotate with the fish, which completely solves twisting the main line and keeping the main line straight. To do that, you should attach the leader to the swivel before tying it to the main line.

leader hide main fishing line

That is very important when facing certain types of fish that don’t go for the bait or aggressive elements (it will attack anything that moves). So using a leader (especially a fluorocarbon) will significantly reduce the fishing line’s visibility, hide your lines as it allows light to easily pass through it, making it impossible for the fish to see it.

Common types of fishing leader lines

There are two types of leaders on the market today, fluorocarbon leaders and monofilament leaders. So which leaders should you choose? I will outline the pros and cons of two types of leaders to help you could have a better overview to make a choice. 

Monofilament leader

monofilament leader line

That is the type of leader used by most people from the beginning of fishing. Not because of anything else, all because it’s cheap. The price of these mono leaders is meager, almost the most affordable of the kind you can find, so if there are problems, you can feel free to replace these leaders. I also think you should start with these leaders.

In addition to the low cost, the line used also has other outstanding advantages such as excellent elasticity, abrasion resistance, durability, and more flexibility to make it easier to knot.

On the downside, these mono leaders can absorb more water, so when fishing with surface lures, your fishing line will become heavier and gradually sink. And when the lines have fully absorbed a certain amount of water, its buoyancy will be gone, and that’s when you have to change the lines. However, as mentioned above, monofilament leaders are very cheap, so that you can be comfortable with that.

Besides, the ability of mono leaders to absorb sunlight is bigger than fluorocarbon leaders, so the fish are easy to detect.

Therefore, you could use monofilament leaders when bait fishing, deep fishing, or trolling.

Fluorocarbon leader line

fluorocacbon leader line

In contrast to monofilament, fluorocarbon is very expensive. It is significantly more costly than mono leaders, but anglers want still to use it because it can do well what we pay for it. Aside from being expensive, there are almost no disadvantages. 

Also similar to monofilament leaders, the fluorocarbon leader line has excellent wear resistance, good knot strength. However, it can knot harder than mono leaders. In addition, the fluorocarbon elongation is less, so you can feel the tiniest bites.

 The ability of fluorocarbon to absorb water is also less, so you don’t need to worry about changing the cord because it’s flooded. And in particular, with a refractive index almost similar to water, it can easily let light pass through it, making it nearly impossible for fish to see. That is a huge advantage when fishing for sensitive fish species.

According to my, you can use fluorocarbons to do everything. The problem here depends on your budget.

These are the experiences that I want to share with you to help you in some way to do better in fishing. final advice, put the fishing leader line in your backpack whenever you go fishing, no matter what type of fishing if you want to have an effective trip. It also plays an essential role for you just below rods and reels

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