What Do Spinning Reel Sizes Mean? Types of Reel Size

Like other articles I have written about fishing reels, I would often mention setting up suitable gear like reel, rod, bait, line, reel size with yourself as a challenge to you, especially beginners. And choosing a suitable size for a spinning reel is also one of the difficult problems when buying a new reel.

There are many sizes of fishing reels, and these sizes all have their use purposes, so it isn’t easy to pick an appropriate size for a spinning reel. Fortunately, I’m here to give personal opinions about the size of spinning reels from my years of fishing experiences to help you make a correct choice of a spinning reel for yourself. You should remember, reel size plays an important role in your fishing trip.

So, What do Spinning Reel Sizes Mean? Understandably, if you need to catch big fish like Tuna, Sharks, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, you need a reel with a large size and vice versa, small size for smaller fish. Reel size directly affects your interest in fishing.

To understand more about “what does the size of fishing reels mean?”, read the information I have provided below.

Which Spinning Reel size is most suitable for you?

In my opinion, no reel size is the most correct answer here. The person who can answer here can only be yourself. You must know what you need, what you want, and what you have.

I will ask some questions about reel sizes to make it easier for you and if you have the answers, then that’s when you have the most accurate answer to the answer “Which size of spinning reels is most suitable for you?”:

  • What kind of fishing do you catch?
  • How does it size?
  • Is that saltwater or freshwater fish?
  • How heavy does the reel line you use?
  • Does it fit Rod?
  • How much do you have a budget? (open your wallet and see now)
  • And finally, does it fit hands?

I think you should answer those questions carefully to have a size for a spinning reel that best suits you. It is essential because this reel will be your companion with fishing trips.

Tips here are that you should not choose a reel size recommended too large or too small; choose just enough.

Catching big fish with too small reel size can destroy the drag system of the reel and broken line, creating significant pressure on the rod to break.

Small fishing with a large size spinning reel as you use FERRARI FXX-K to race with bicycles. There is too much-wasted strength of reel, and it also loses excitement when fighting fish. Moreover, it will also cost huge money to own such a spinning reel large size and the bigger rod and heavy line. And for beginners, it won’t be easy to control that large reel size.

To help you easier in choosing the most suitable spinning reel for yourself, I have summarized and classified the size below, and you can refer to it.

Fishing reel size classification( reel size chart)

Size fishing reel is divided into four categories that are small in fishing reel size (1000-3500), average size reel(4000-5500), large fishing reel(6000-9500), and huge reel(> 10000). Below I will give an overview of each type of size reel and give a reel size chart.

Sometimes you will see that many spinning reels have sizes of 10, don’t bother about that. It means the same, just another way of calling a spinning reel 1000.

Small size spinning reels (1000-3500)( beginner’s size fishing reel)

spinning reel small size

These are the smallest fishing reel size in the market today, combined with lightweight and ultralight rods (6-7 Feet). They are suitable for most freshwater fish (streams and lake fishing, boat) and a few small saltwater fish species (The backwaters of Bays, river mouths, boat). I recommended you use this reel if you are a beginner, do not have much experience to challenge larger fish.

Their size of spinning reel increases gradually, synonymous with line capacity also increasing. As I know, fishers often use spinning reel size in this range to catch crappie, bluegill, trout, perch, bass, walleye…

Recommended line strength should come with this range size reel of 2-10LB (Mono line) and 4-14 (Braid line). When you use line strength to overcome them, Line Capacity is reduced significantly, affecting your fishing performance.

When fighting with these reels, you can always enjoy the feeling everything is under control, reducing fatigue to help you be more excited.

Spinning reel small size

Average spinning size reel(4000-5500)

Although there is no clear distinction of size reel, its line capacity is also significantly increased when it can contain line strength up to 8-14LB (Mono line) and 8-25 (Braid line).

The 7-8-foot rod is ideal for these fishing reels. Increased sizes, increased line capacity, pulling the weight of fish can catch it by also increasing.

With these reels, our goal has moved to fish species in rivers, large lakes, boat, harbors, and wharfs such as Catfish, Muskie, Snook, Bass, Redfish, Snapper, and Pike.

Spinning reel average size

Spinning reel large size (6000-9500)(  popular size of fishing reels)

average size spinning reel

The reels in this size range are most widely used. These reels would have a powerful, affordable line capacity, meeting stimulating battles with fish.

You can use this range size reel for inshore & offshore saltwater fishing, rock fishing, heavy boat and surf fishing, offshore. They can catch almost anything with this reel such as striped bass, salmon, snook, redfish (red drum), Wahoo, Roosterfish, Barracuda, Amberjack Tuna, Shark, and Dorado, …

The rods are most suitable for these size reels of 8-12 feet because we can cast further thanks to the strong line capacity of this size reel. The most suitable line strength is from 12-25 (Mono line) and 12-60 (Braid line).

Fishing reel in this size range have the gap in the size’s line strength is bigger and bigger, helping line capacity increasingly, and now these reels have been for those with long experience, no longer suitable for beginners.

Spinning reel large size

Extra-large spinning reels (> 10000)

And finally, the monsters have appeared – the reels are in size> 10000. To have a fair battle, those monsters were forced to fight the sea monsters like Tuna, Sharks, Mahi Mahi, Marlin.

These are also my favorite battles when offshore fishing. I can’t forget the feeling of eagerness and excitement when winning a sea monster with my own hands. My 20000 spinning reel was my precious companion for a long time. I suggested you use this spinning reel if you are a person who likes excitement and challenges

Now, to control and operate these huge-sized reels smoothly, you would be forced to have many years of fishing experience and a real battle with big fish.

The reel in this size is heavyweight, cumbersome when they have to come with a large rod. Here, the proposed line strength is 20-60 + LB (Mono line) and 25-100LB (Braid line).

Extra large spinning reels

I would share all my experiences with you about spinning reels. I hope what I shared can help you give your most accurate answer to choose the most suitable reel for yourself.

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