Can You Catch Big Fish in a Kayak?

Can you catch big fish in a kayak?

Can you catch big fish in a kayak

Owning a fishing boat is out of reach for me and many others. At this point, what we think of is a fishing kayak.

However, being an ambitious person, I always wanted to be able to catch huge fish. Do you have the same ambition?

So, Can you catch big fish in a kayak?

Yes, you can catch big fish from a kayak. If you are lucky enough to meet them and have good technique, you can get any fish you want.

The difference between big fishing on kayak and boat/shore

There are many reasons for you, like many others, to worry: Can you catch big fish in a kayak? Why kayak and not other types of fishing boats or shore fishing?

It is understandable because the small size and light weight of kayaks often bring inconveniences such as:

– Big fish often have very strong pulling and struggling. They can even tow your kayak like snowmobiles. They cannot do this if you are standing on the shore or in a larger boat.

Can I catch big fish in a kayak

– You do not have a fulcrum to be able to exert force and pull the fish out of the water immediately but have to wait until it is exhausted and cannot struggle anymore.

– When fishing on the shore or large boats, you can bring a lot of gear. On kayaks, you often carefully consider the gear to bring, discarding the rarely used items. So, sometimes you will not have enough tools to handle if you are lucky enough to catch a large fish.

– Stuck in a position: on a kayak, you can’t arbitrarily stand, sit, or change your position to pull your catch easily.

Although catching big fish on kayaks is a bit of a challenge, many anglers still want to choose them due to better sneak up on fish and reasonable prices.

I have an article on why you should try kayak fishing. You can read about the possibilities of kayaks.

Can you catch big fish in a kayak?

You’ve probably seen pictures posted and shared many times of people catching huge fish on their kayaks.

Can you catch big fish on a kayak

Many times, you are hard to believe and wonder: Are those pictures real?

Let me tell you. Fighting and catching them with a kayak will be challenging, but it is possible.

Although it will be a bit harder than on the shore and on large fishing boats, you will be fine as long as you have the skills and the right gear.

And you will have a much more sense of accomplishment if you win a big fish on a kayak than on a big boat.

What do you need?

I won’t mention widespread skills like location, time, fishing rod, reel, bait, weather, etc. They are the skills you need to have whether you’re fishing in a kayak, onshore, or on a boat.

What I mean is the kayak you choose.

The priority of a kayak for catching big fish is good stability. The kayak should be large enough to help you handle the water well. Plus, they stay stable no matter when you’re standing or sitting.

Keep in mind that kayaks have good stability doesn’t mean they can’t tip over. So always pay attention to safety when catching them. If it feels too dangerous, give it up.

Pedal kayaks can help you fight fish better than paddle kayaks because you can generate more force to counteract the traction of the fish.

Can you catch large fish in a kayak

You can also carry more gear due to the wide kayaks. You must never forget a set of hook cutters, long-nosed pliers, and a net/dip net.

Using an anchor will sometimes give you extra drag. But sometimes, they will be more dangerous when the fish are too powerful and disobedient. You may be towed away while your boat refuses to move. Therefore, knowing how to use the anchor properly is also something you need to learn when you want to catch a big fish.

Fight with the fish

Make sure you align the bow, the rod tip, and the fish in the same direction before you start putting pressure on them.

This way, you will be more stable when the fish pulls you away.

If the rod tip is on the side of your boat, the fish could pull you to the side. Or worse, you and your kayak will roll over, and everything ends up in the water.

If you want more stability when fighting fish, you can put your feet to the side of the kayak.


In fact, whether or not you can catch a huge fish depends on your luck. Not every professional angler can guarantee a big catch that day.

However, you can start practicing now. And maybe one day you will catch one.

Good luck to you.

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