Are Fishing Kayaks Safe for Using?

Are fishing kayaks safe for you?

Is a fishing kayak safe

You want to try kayak fishing but are afraid because everyone warn you that it is dangerous. There are even cases of injury or death due to kayaking/canoeing.

So, Are fishing kayaks safe to use?

Let me say: Fishing kayaks are dangerous, but they are not quite right. You all know that every sport involving water always has its potential risks. So, as long as there are reasonable safety measures, you can rest assured when sitting on fishing kayaks.

Are fishing kayaks safe?

As warnings about the dangers of boating, so are the kayak fishing can encounter. However, if you know them well and take precautions, you will also have safe float trips.

Below I will list the dangers face while sitting on a fishing kayak.

Dangers of kayak fishing – Safety measures

Capsizing or sinking

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced person, kayak capsized can occur to you. Every angler will experience it at least once in his life.

The only thing you can do is get used to it. Take your empty kayak out to a nearby river or lake, get used to the feeling of flipping a boat, and practice turning it upside down. Only then, when things happen, you won’t panic and can handle things calmly.

The advice here is on the FPDs side, fasten all your gears. So that when the kayak capsizes, you only need to focus on turning it over, not keeping an eye on the things that have fallen off the boat. Otherwise, you risk losing them at the bottom of the water.

Getting lost

Getting lost often occurs when fishing in open water and occasionally in small bodies of water. It happens when you are too focused on fishing and don’t know how far you have paddled away from the starting launch. By the time wanting to return to the shore, you have lost your way.

So, you should have a navigation device while on the water. A kayak fish finder with GPS can help in this case.

Otherwise, you may notice landmarks in launch zones. They could be standout trees or houses. This way is very effective. If you plan to go further, choose a huge landmark, such as a mountain.

Another thing you can do is inform someone of your float plan so that in case you don’t get home in time, they can find someone to help.

It’s even better if you have friends to go together. It’s both fun and safe.

Waves, tides, or current

Waves, tides, and currents can capsize your boat or sweep you away from shore. If you don’t have the experience to fight them, avoid them.

is kayak fishing safe

It is never superfluous to research the situation where you plan to go fishing in advance.

FDP, walkie-talkies, a flare, and a beacon are the things you need to bring to stay safe in this case.


Kayak fishing is an activity that requires a lot of energy. Many anglers row miles to get to the fishing spots they want, floating on the water for hours. Then, when it came time to return to the shore, they no longer had the strength. It is dangerous.

Always remember to save yourself some strength while on the water. Set a timer to remind you to drink water every 30 minutes. Bringing a hat and sunscreen will help you feel better. Pay special attention to your fitness, don’t be happy until you’re tired and then start to return to shore.

You can also bring snacks to replenish your energy, and remember not to be exhausted and dehydrated.

Dangerous creatures

The water always contains dangerous creatures. Even the fish you catch can injure you.

Is Fishing In a Kayak Safe

Therefore, you should learn about dangerous animals such as sharks, sea lions, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, or beavers that may appear in the waters you are going to. So that if you are unlucky to be caught, you may find a way to deal with it. The probability of you encountering them is very low.

In addition, bugs or insects can also be dangerous to you. Therefore, you should use insect repellent and bug spray when fishing.

Equipment failure

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the water and your paddle broken or your boat punctured. Having to deal with it instead of enjoying the fishing is heartbreaking.

Is Fishing on a Kayak Safe

It is worth mentioning that it is dangerous if you cannot return to shore, and sometimes you must call for help.

So, before going into the water, check your kayak and equipment thoroughly. Carrying a spare paddle will be helpful for you at this time.

Bad weather conditions

Watching the weather forecast seems to be something everyone reminds you of when fishing. However, many anglers sometimes forget this, or the weather suddenly turns bad without warning. Heavy rain, high wind, frog, tornado, thunder, and sun can all be dangerous for you.

Is Fishing from a Kayak Safe

They limit your visibility, disorient you, and, worse, can capsize your boat, and the glaring sunlight can dehydrate you.

Having clothes that are appropriate for each season is my advice to you. Wear jackets and waterproof outfits in winter, and wear sun protection, a hat, and sunglasses to keep cool in summer.

Large boat

Large boats moving fast often create waves that can capsize your kayak if you’re not attentive.

To avoid this, you should choose a boat with bright colors such as orange, yellow, and neon green. They make your craft more visible to others, even at a distance. Thus, the large boats will be able to promptly avoid or slow down so as not to affect you.

Is it safe to fish in a kayak

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However, some boatmen do not care about this. They only want to speed up their boats. Therefore, always keep an eye on your surroundings. If you sense a boat with high-speed approaching, rotate the tow of the kayak perpendicular to the direction of the waves. And your kayak will rely on the waves without capsizing.

If fishing at night, wear reflective jackets and display a 360-degree white light; so big boats can avoid you.

Dangerous obstacles

Unlike floating obstacles that can be easily seen and avoided, hidden ones can cause more danger to you. Sometimes you have to get close, or your kayak hits them before you notice. By then, the kayak could capsize or, worse, break.

Fortunately, the kayaks have good buoyancy, unlike fishing boats. Many kayaks can easily navigate shallow water.

Wearing an FDP and avoiding obstacles at all costs is my advice.

I think now you have the answer to Are Fishing Kayaks Safe?


Despite the risks mentioned above, if you are well prepared, you can always enjoy your trip happily.

After all, what sport is without its risks?

Stay safe, and have a nice trip.

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