What Color Fishing Kayak Should I Get?

What color fishing kayak should I get?

what color fishing kayak should i get

When preparing to purchase a fishing kayak, people often pay attention to many features. One of them is the color of the kayak.

Some people believe that specific colors might attract fish and help catch more fish. However, these have no verifiable scientific evidence but just hearsay.

In my opinion, we should be more concerned with the safety that the color of the kayak gives than its fish attractant qualities.

So, What color fishing kayak should I get?

You should choose colors with high visibility, even at a distance or in low visibility weather conditions to help provide high safety when on the water. Those should be bright colors like yellow, orange, green, etc.

There are many other aspects to consider when choosing a color for your kayak, so keep reading to make your decision.

Effect of color on fishing

Many anglers say that: bright colors such as yellow, red, orange, or green attract more fish. So they often advise beginners to choose these colors for their kayak.

Others say colors that might blend well with the surrounding environment, such as camo, sandy, blue, and dark green, are the right choice because they help anglers camouflage well, and the fish are not easy to recognize. It will be easier to catch fish.

what is the best color for fishing kayak

Camo is a hue of gray, black, white, and green with a good camouflage ability. In addition, when you use kayaks for hunting birds like ducks or gooses, this color is a perfect choice for you to get close to prey they do not know.

Some other people say that fish are afraid of white, so using this color will scare the fish away from the boat.

However, all of the above aren’t supported by science. 

According to my fishing experience, the color will not make a difference in whether you catch more or less fish.

In addition to color, other aspects that are more influential in catching fish by a kayak are shadows the kayak might cast, its movement above the water, and the amount of noise it might make.

Effect of color on safety

You had better think of: What color fishing kayak should I get? when talking about its safety rather than its effectiveness in attracting fish.

The color of the kayak will determine its visibility on the water. It determines the safety when fishing, especially in the open water or where many boats pass. It will limit boat accidents and make it easier to help when an accident occurs.

Some of my summaries of colors and their safety are as follows:

The best colors for safety are solid yellow, marine orange, and lime green. They stand out and are easy to see from a distance, even in choppy weather conditions or cloudy, foggy days.

best fishing kayak color

The solid yellow is visible, but according to some people, it is easy to attract sea lions. The animals will steal your bait and fish, so this color is not perfect when fishing in areas with a lot of sea lions.

White is not recommended because it is similar to whitecaps or the color of waves, so the kayak will be difficult to recognize at a distance.

Red is hard to see in low light.

Bright blue and dark green are also not recommended because they blend in the water.

Camo is easy to see when fishing in clear waters. The downside is that it is difficult to see from a distance or on cloudy days because of its good camouflage.

What color fishing kayak should I get – Your choice

the best color for fishing kayak

To choose a kayak for fishing, you should pay more attention to aspects such as type, shape, seat, stability, and storage rather than color.

Once you’ve decided on the brand and type of kayak to buy, it’s time to start paying attention to its color.

There are two options for you to choose from:

1. Choose according to your preference: you can choose any colors you like to show your personality or suit your group. There is no such thing as absolute color when it comes to fishing.

2. Choose safe colors: if you don’t like a particular color, you can choose bright colors with high safety, such as solid yellow, marine orange, and lime green.

How do you preserve the color of the kayak for a long time?

does fishing kayak color matter

Kayak color may fade away over time of use due to UV rays, extreme heat, and moisture.

To slow this process down, you can apply some measures such as:

– Store in a shady place, away from sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.

– Before storing, you should wash off any remaining dirt, debris, or salt on the interior and exterior of the boat.

If the boat’s color fades, you can spend a lot of money repainting it, and it’s a waste. So try to keep the paint color carefully.


In short, you do not need to put too much emphasis on choosing the colors of the kayak. You can choose any colors according to your preferences.

No specific colors affect your fishing ability. Instead, consider a color that can keep you safe on the water.

Stay safe, and enjoy your adventure.

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