How Long Do Fishing Kayaks Last?

How long do fishing kayaks last?

How long does a fishing kayak last

Fishing kayaks are a high-value product, often costing several hundred dollars.

So when purchasing and operating a kayak, everyone always cares about: How long do fishing kayaks last?

The lifespan of a fishing kayak depends on its material and usage. A fishing kayak can last for more than ten years if you know how to use, maintain, and care for it.

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Many materials are used to create kayaks, such as plastic, wood, fiberglass, aramid fiber (aka Kevlar), carbon fiber, aluminum, etc.

However, because of fishing kayaks’ features, many noticed materials were not chosen for crafting them.

There are two main kinds of fishing kayaks: inflatable and hard-shell kayaks.

Inflatable fishing kayaks are usually made of plastic, most commonly Polyester (PE) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Hard-shell fishing kayaks are made of plastic (such as PE, High-density polyethylene (HDPE), PP, etc.), aluminum, or both.

How long do fishing kayaks last?

Fishing kayaks made from different materials will have different lifespans.

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How long will an inflatable fishing kayak last?

How long can fishing kayaks last

Inflatable fishing kayaks have always been about portability. They are light, can be released, and are easy to move.

They are also usually cheaper than other kayaks. You can even find kayaks for as little as $100.

Durability is not the goal they intend. Inflatable kayaks only have an outer layer of material to cover the air inside. So when using these kayaks, you need to be careful. They require the highest care of all kayaks.

An inflatable kayak can last 2-3 years. In well maintained, you can increase this number to 8-10 years.

How long will a plastic fishing kayak last?

How long can a fishing kayak last

Plastic is the most commonly used material for fishing kayaks. These kayaks are usually quite heavy.

Plastic kayaks are molded into a kayak shape, so they have high durability. They do not require as much care as inflatable kayaks.

They are also easily mass-produced, so the price is also reasonable.

Therefore, experienced anglers often choose this kayak for fishing because they balance price, durability, and performance.

Because they are made of plastic, they are susceptible to abrasion and brittle when exposed to the sun for too long.

A plastic kayak with precise maintenance can last up to 10 years or over.

How long will an aluminum fishing kayak last?

How long do your fishing kayak last

Aluminum kayaks are the most durable ones that require a lot less care.

Aluminum is a hard material and difficult to damage, even when bumped by rocks or other hard materials.

Accompanying it is the price of an aluminum kayak which is often quite expensive, always over $1000.

They are big and heavy, making them difficult to transport and store.

It is possible to use an aluminum kayak for more than ten years. Many aluminum kayaks, if properly maintained, can last a lifetime.

In addition to the above materials, a fishing kayak can combine many materials, such as Goplus Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayaks for Adults, 9.7 FT made of LLDPE, Aluminum, and PP.

Factors affecting the lifespan of a kayak

How long can your fishing kayak last


Sunlight contains UV rays that can destroy the outer layer of the kayak.

Especially with inflatable kayaks, if left in the sun for a long time when not in use, the outer layer of material will quickly be thinned and deflated.

Plastic kayaks can be faded, making them brittle and fragile in general.

Water features, the environment where kayaks are in

Like many boats, kayaks are also affected by the water they are in there.

When fishing at sea, the salt in seawater can corrode the kayak faster than in fresh water.

The kayak is often stuck with dirt, moss, and sand on the marsh. If you do not wash them, it will also deteriorate faster.

When fishing in areas with many branches or submerged obstructions, kayaks can be bumped and easily scratched, even torn. These will reduce the kayak’s lifespan quickly.


As mentioned above, each material is different, and the lifespan of the kayak is also different.

In addition, even though they are all made of the same material, there are high-quality and low-quality materials. The higher the quality, the longer the lifespan of the kayak.

How to extend the lifespan of a kayak?

How long will fishing kayaks last

How long do fishing kayaks last? also depends on you taking care of it. Let’s see how to prolong the life of the craft.


There are many notes when storing a kayak. You should adhere to all of the following to make it last longer:

– Clean the kayak from dust, moss, sand, and salt with fresh water after use. Make sure it is completely dry before storing, or mold/ mildew formation may damage it.

– Store in a place away from direct sunlight, dry and clean.

– The storage place must not have insects and rodents. They will destroy your kayak even if you do not use it.

– Use a kayak cover to protect your kayak from the elements when not in use.


When transporting the kayak, make sure it is lying on a flat surface.

Do not drag the kayak on rough surfaces. It will be scratched.

Inspect and repair

After use, you should inspect the kayak for cracks or scratches so that you can repair it immediately before the damage becomes more serious. Then you have to spend more money. 


There is no exact answer to How long do fishing kayaks last?

It could be a couple of months or last for many years, depending on the type of kayak you buy and how you use it.

If you can follow all of the manufacturer’s care and use instructions, you can only use one kayak for the rest of your life.

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