Can Fly Reel Get Wet?

During a fishing trip and your fishing reel accidentally fell into the water, how would you handle it? Here is an article on how to handle this problem, hope you will be satisfied. 

Can fly reel get wet? Yes, fly reel can get wet! In general, if you are fishing and your fishing rod accidentally falls into the water and gets wet, you do not need to worry too much about this problem. In fact, it was designed to handle it.
What you need to do now is to check if your reels have sand and small rocks? If you have sand and it gets mixed up inside the reel, it’s best not to do anything about it until you’ve cleaned it all up. When you try to roll and it sticks or sounds like sandpaper then stop.

But, that’s not enough, I think you should refer to my article to make sure you will handle the same situation correctly. Let’s get started

Your fishing reel fell in the sand

I already have an article about this, maybe you should check it out. What Do I Do If I Get Sand In My Fishing Reel? 

So if you drop your reel in sand, the solution now is just quickly rinse it, turn on the tap water fall in it and start reeling slowly. Keep doing that for about 30 seconds! Then there’s no crunching and grinding, you wouldn’t worry about it.

The latter is why you have back up reels and/or are fishing more than one rod. So why be so concerned to get the sand out of the reel. By spinning the reel handle in hopes of “working the sand out” is risky. Sand can damage the inner workings of a reel.

A lot of times you can get away with it (spinning the handle), but why take a chance. A telltale sign that you got problems is the handle freezes up with a normal crank of the handle. In this case, don’t force the handle to spin! Just retire the reel, and break it down and clean it later! 

sand get into your reel

Most reels are stable for long periods of time in fresh water, however, it will be a bit more difficult to operate but overall it will be safe. It’s usually fine if there’s a bit of dirt in the reel, except for sand and small rocks, you should clean it first.
The worst-case scenario of falling into freshwater I think is when that water freezes, then the reel’s function will stop immediately. At this point, I advise you to stop and get another reel. Hard ice is similar to sand and gravel, which can damage your reel.

Your fly reel fell into salt water

If your reels are dropped in saltwater and get wet, they are in a completely different situation, the situation will be much worse now, they will oxidize and corrode. But if you drop your reels in saltwater, they will still work. If you drop your reels in saltwater, you must rinse them immediately or you can wash them with fresh water after your fishing trip.

The salt deposits in the inner workings of the reel and can corrode the metal components.

water get into your reel

Why should you maintain your fishing reel?

Your reel can get wet and Periodic maintenance of the reel is the best way to keep the reel operating at its highest level at all times, prolonging the life of the reel and helping to reduce repair costs when damaged due to lack of maintenance. improper service or maintenance.

A fishing reel that is submerged in water (just water from a river, stream or lake, not to mention sea water) is enough to lose the use of the oil and grease inside the reel, making them no longer effective for protection and lubrication. smooth as the original function. And a new grease change for the reel is a must.

At such times, maintenance of the reel is necessary, because all you need to do is spend an hour with some grease, an old toothbrush, a little alcohol and a little bit of special marks for the reel and you’re good to go. You can refresh (refresh) your reel like it was when you first opened the box.

You can refer to the maintenance method in my articles or elsewhere, it’s okay.

how to clean a fishing reel


You already have the answer to the “Can fly reel get wet?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences; any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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