What Size Reel Do I Need For Carp Fishing?

In the sport of hand rods, fishing for carp is always the passion of anglers. Choosing the right reel for carp fishing depends on many different factors.

What size reel do I need for carp-fishing? Usually 5000, 6000 and 8000 or 060, 070 and 080. This holds more line than a standard rough, offers more power, and is more powerful – all perfectly suited for carp fishing. Big reels are usually 10000 or 12000. However, each manufacturer has its own rules for its reel products, the smaller the model number the smaller the reel. 

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Why is carp fishing different?

The carp eats the bait very slowly, calmly, especially loudly, if they feel the danger is not to eat the bait (even though it is very hungry) they are very smart to detect that our bait is not correct, the fishing line is too big, or too big advertising bait scare them and run away.

The running style of the carp is very strong, so the soft rods always give the angler a lot of advantages when we fish.

If you don’t know the line, if a carp is caught, the whole flock will be afraid to run away, if the carp is grazed by the hook, it will never come back to eat even if it starves to death. Because the Carp breed is the wisest of the river fishes.

Of course, any reel can catch carp, but some professional fishing tackle manufacturers produce reels specifically designed for carp fishing.

Why is carp fishing different

What kind of fishing reel should you use for carp fishing?

Bait feeder reel

Feeder fishing reel – These types of carp reels typically operate on a two-pull system. Depending on the manufacturer, they have different names. Often referred to as Baitfeeder, Baitrunner or Bait n Run Reels, these are the most loved reels around the world for the fish carp genre. Because of their extremely special features.

You can refer to the operation of this type of reel in my articles or other authors, that’s okay.

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Quick Drag Reels

Growing in popularity, the quick pull features an advanced pull system that tightens down very quickly. Instead of having two pull bars that can be set to loose and tight, the quick pull reels have a pull bar on the front that can be adjusted from loose to tight with just one turn of the dial. Being able to adjust the rod’s combat pressure with a few clicks is an advantage most carp anglers enjoy.

Big Pit Reels

Specially designed for model carp anglers. Big Pit Reels are equipped with many gears and are equipped with very large rotating tubes. These features allow carp anglers to easily target large carp at long range.

Spod and Marker Reels

The main advantage of reels is that they have a higher gear ratio and a larger handle than standard carp fishing reels. These qualities will allow regular bait anglers to do so with greater ease. After casting a fully loaded bomb or orb many times, it can be a blessing to use one of these special reels. Your arms and hands will thank you.

What size reel do I need for Carp Fishing?

What size reel Carp Fishing

Below are the recommended sizes of the most commonly used carp fishing reels:

  • Baitrunner: size large from 6000, 8000 to 10000, weight 19.2 to 19.6
  • Big Pit: size from 65 to 75, weight 19.2 and 19.6
  • Quick Drag reel: size 45QDX weight 17.5oz
  • Spod and Marker Reels: size 45mm


You may find a spinning reel as a size 20 or as a 2000 or a 25 and a 2500 – so what’s the go there? These are basically the same sizes, but each manufacturer has its own way of defining its brand.

You already have the answer to the “What size reel do I need for carp fishing?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences; any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

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