Will Fishing Reels Rust?

A fishing reel is an item that is constantly exposed to water. All types of reels, whether spinning reels or baicasters, require maintenance after a period of use. Especially the reels you regularly use to fish brackish or saltwater. 

Will fishing reels rust? The answer is yes. For environments that are constantly in contact with all types of water, no matter what material the reel is made of, there is a chance of rust or corrosion. Therefore, maintenance oil is very important to ensure the longevity of the reel.

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Why does the fishing reel rust?

First of all, coils are made from materials such as aluminum, iron, steel…all of them are metal. But as we all know, being metal, of course, must rust.
Not only that, the reel also has to operate in an environment where it is constantly in contact with water, so the oxidation process is accelerated, leading to rusting of the reel.

Cleaning the reel regularly is the simplest way to prevent the reel from rusting.

Many anglers use fishing gear but rarely pay attention to how to maintain, especially how to clean the reel,  while cleaning the reel is a necessity after fishing trips for the reel to work. the longest and ensure that there are no problems during fishing.

how to clean and oil fishing reel

How to oil reel maintenance​

You should dry reel every time you go fishing, dry reel to help protect it from better wear. 

In some reels, the reel’s airrotor is also designed in the form of an air-dissipation – heat dissipation inside the reel, helping the reel dry out quickly when used to prevent rust and abrasion.

Washing fishing reels

  • When washing the reel should wash it with a shower, running water gently. Do not soak/immerse the reel in a bucket or basin to wash. 
  • Before reel, you must lock the fishing reel Mobin to prevent water from entering
  • Special attention should be paid to the two points that are spool and line-roller
  • After washing, shake, shake the reel gently to remove all the water, and use a towel to dry.
  • The cord should be completely removed before washing
  • Do not wash the reel with warm or hot water.
how to oil fishing reel

Oiling Fishing Reels

  • Clean and Oil the Bail
  • Clean and Oil the Spool
  • Oil the Bearings in reel Body
  • Oil the reel Body

So. Parts that need maintenance oiling include shafts, bearings, gears. Before applying oil, it is necessary to wash with specialized washing water, then dry and oil.

Normally, after each fishing trip, you should dry the fishing reel, after 5-10 uses, you should remove the fishing reel for maintenance once (for saltwater fishing). Depending on the type of fishing reel you use, whether it is salt resistant or not, if it is completely salt resistant, you do not need to maintain it too often.

how to oil and clean fishing reel


You already have the answer to the “Will fishing reels rust?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences; any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

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