What Is A Saltwater Spinning Reel?

There are many reasons to fish in the sea that are completely different from fishing in rivers and lakes. As you know, if the reel is dropped in saltwater without being rinsed with fresh water in time, you will 100% damage that reel because it will be oxidized by salt.

What is a saltwater spinning reel? Yes of course! Saltwater fishing reels are usually designed to be water-resistant. The housing and internal components are made of materials that are highly resistant to corrosion. The reel has two speed modes: low speed and high speed. 

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What is a saltwater spinning reel?

What really is salt resistance on the fishing reels? I think that’s the durability of that reel when used in saltwater, how long can they function normally in saltwater? How good is their rust resistance? 

There are two factors that influence this, the first is the user factor and the second is the manufacturer.

Salt resistant technology

is there a saltwater spinning reel
  • Magseal body: This is a technology that implants a special thin material that can create a screen that is used to resist dust and water, preventing them from entering the reel.
  • Magseal line roller: The smoother the line roller rotates, the less friction between the line and the roller. If dirt particles pass through the roller, it is continuously pulled and the friction increases significantly. Dissipates them, making them unable to enter the reel
  • Magseal ball bearing: The new MAGSEALED bearings have been engineered to last longer than ever. The balls are enclosed in a completely waterproof bearing. The inner and outer rings are magnetized and joined with waterproof and stable MAGSEALED oil. The cage runs quieter and is protected from impurities.
  • Monocoque body: means that the technology creates a monolithic body, without using screws, making it impossible for water to enter the body through the threads, this is an almost absolute waterproof technology. With reels equipped with this technology, it is almost impossible for water to get in.


Salt resistant material

  • Aluminum: This is the material for making salt-resistant fishing reels, this material is not affected by saltwater.
  • Magienium: Similar to aluminum alloy, this is also a material that is not affected by saltwater.
  • DS4, DS5: synthetic resin, glass fiber, very resistant to salt.
  • Zaion carbon.
  • BEARING: All-ceramic bearings, made of zirconia or silicon nitride with cage and PEEK seals, offer excellent corrosion resistance in marine environments. Ceramic bearings are not affected by seawater so they can be used in marine environments where they are permanently submerged and can withstand higher loads.
    Are there a saltwater spinning reel?

User factors

how to clean a fishing reel

This is also an equally important factor. There is no such thing as a perfect reel, they are always changed over time, so if the user does not maintain and maintain it regularly, the reel will soon be damaged even if it is made of any materials. 

You can refer to my article to know more about how to maintain an effective reel, so that they can be used for a long time.

A fishing reel that is submerged in water (just water from a river, stream or lake, not to mention sea water) is enough to lose the use of the oil and grease inside the reel, making them no longer effective for protection and lubrication. smooth as the original function. And a new grease change for the reel is a must.

At such times, maintenance of the reel is necessary, because all you need to do is spend an hour with some grease, an old toothbrush, a little alcohol and a little bit of special marks for the reel and you’re good to go. You can refresh (refresh) your reel like it was when you first opened the box.


You already have the answer to the “what is a saltwater spinning reel?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences; any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

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