Why Does My Fishing Reel Keep Getting Tangled?

Surely anglers when fishing must also encounter cases of tangled fishing lines. Surely this question is always on the mind of anglers. The phenomenon of tangled lines causes them to gather in a mess in the reel, making the fisherman a lot of anger and discomfort, even wanting to throw it out of sight.

Why Does My Fishing Reel Keep Getting Tangled? Depending on the type of fishing reel, the cause will also be different. But in many cases, slack fishing line is a big culprit when it comes to line tangles, causing the coils to overlap on themselves as they leave the reel when we cast and tangle up.

To learn more about why the fishing reel keeps getting tangled. What causes them to mess up and how to fix them. I think you should refer to the article below. Hope it helps you!

Why does a fishing reel get tangled?

there’s actually a couple of mistakes that people usually make when they’re spooling up their spinning rods, where they get that line tangle.

They’re putting too large of the diameter of line on the reel. If you’re using a 2,500 size spinning reel and you’re fishing a fluorocarbon line. You’re going to be maxing out about 12, I mean 12-pound test is about as heavy as you’re going to go want to go on that spinning reel to get an effective line size on there.

If you have nothing tied on the end of the line, or a really light hook this could be why you can’t cast it out and get constant twists and knots. so In order to cast, you will need a bait tied on or something with a bit of weight (you don’t need something too heavy, just something tied at the end of your fishing line).

There is no weight to keep the tension on the line and keep the line tight to the reel. It’s a big mess at the reel!

Why Does My Spinning Reel Keep Getting Tangled

Line tangled is one of the “basic characteristics” of a Baitcaster, because what to do when the Baitcaster’s spool is forced to spin when tossing the line! And when the prey flies out, before the pull of the air, of gravity, the prey slows down. The bait reduces the speed but the spool still has to rotate, the rope still has to flow at the old speed.

So the line, instead of coming out of the rod end, will flow back, forming a “bird’s nest” in the reel. Although no company has dared to boldly claim to have completely overcome this huge drawback of Baitcaster. At least, they have found the cause and have a solution to overcome it, which is to produce control brakes when casting.

Currently, all baitcasting reel manufacturers use one of three types of brakes: centrifugal (also known as friction), magnetic and digital brakes. In which the most popular is the centrifugal brake, followed by the magnetic brake.

Regardless of the type of brake applied, the ultimate goal that must still be achieved is to effectively prevent the phenomenon of tangled fishing lines when casting.

Perhaps in this article, I only introduce these types of brakes on Baitcaster. You can refer to my next articles to better understand these types of brakes.

Why does a Baitcaster get tangled

How do I fix my tangled fish line?

Untangling a baitcasting reel

tip if you happen to get backlash or birdsnest using a bait caster. What you can do to help get that undone. Sometimes you will have your line stuck in there and it’ll be tough to get it out one and it’ll be tough to get it out. One thing you don’t want to do is pull on it really hard and that will just make it worse and also it can break your line if it’s a really bad knot.

So what we’re gonna do here is make a few casts and try to get some backlash. What you want to don’t pull on it,  don’t make it tight. After you’ve untangled the spool, reel the line back in; remember to keep the pressure on the primary line, so it coils tightly around the spool.

Untangling a spinning reel

It’s sad to say that there’s no other way to untangle it than to cut the tangled part of the fishing line. 

After the drag is off the reel, get a knife and start cutting the string connected to the spool. Set the spool aside and start pulling away from the tangled mess from the reel. Cut the mess off the spool too.

You don’t have to throw it all away, make sure not to throw a good line away. Just remove the tangled string, you can fit the spool back onto the reel.

How do I fix my tangled fish line


You already have the answer to the “Why Does My Fishing Reel Keep Getting Tangled?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

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