Is An Open Face Reel Better Than A Closed Reel?

Understand all the reels, gradually removed and picked up a most appropriate one, which everyone fishing was always aimed at. There are many different types of reels on the market such as baitcasting, spinning, spincast, trolling, surf for anglers to choose from for their fishing style.

However, there are still common mistakes in their finding process. Today, the topic of this article is about two types of most popular reels in the fishing world, open and closed face reels.

Is an open face reel better than a closed reel? There is no better thing, depending on your purpose. If you are an adult, know a little about fishing, are not too financially limited, want to find the flexibility of Line, choose an open-face one. In contrast, you are a beginner, children can get used to closed face reels.

Next, I will introduce the two types of reels and list the differences between these and compare any better in each element.

What is an open-face fishing reel?

Perhaps you have heard about this kind of reel and know it before, I won’t go too deep into introducing it. You just need to understand simply that an open face reel, also known as a spinner allows you to see the spool from the outside. There is a bail, you will have to open it to proceed cast and close to prevent the line from running out of the spool.

What is an open-face fishing reel

In order to be easier in comparison in the article below, you can pass through the advantages and disadvantages of the open-face reel.


  • Easy to capture usage
  • Hold more line on the spool, increases casting distance
  • The accuracy will be proportional to the ability to master your reel.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for high life expectancy
  • Owning a high capacity and quality with moderate prices
  • Very flexible, can be used for many different fish species in different environments
  • There are many sizes available for you to choose
  • Easy swap direction of handle


  • Only suitable to catch medium and light fish
  • It is possible to easily be line twists if you do not have much experience and a right setup
  • Easy to corrode when salt fishing

What is a closed-face fishing reel?

In contrast, a closed face reel is also known as spincast with the spool of reel enclosed inside the nose, you won’t see the line from the outside, it is released through a tiny hole on the head of the head reel. When casting, you just need to press the button on the head or behind to allow the release line.

What is a closed-face fishing reel


  • Easy to cast
  • No need for any previous experience
  • Cheap
  • Not to face backlash and twists


  • Only for small freshwater fishing
  • Poor quality, low life, usually only one season
  • Pretty complicated when fixing mechanical errors inside the reel
  • The debris and dirt are kept on the reel
  • Limit the number of lines, reduce casting distances
  • Low capacity

Open vs closed face reels

I have presented you with the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of wonders. Looking at it, perhaps you know how to choose the reel for yourself. There are many factors for you to choose a reel, first of all, you have to identify where you fish and weather conditions there, the weight and size of the fish you target, your fishing styles, and finally match the budget.

There is no better reel, only which reel is more suitable than another. You must rely on the fishing purposes that you target to be able to choose a suitable reel to improve the performance of the trip.

Next, I will synthesize and compare the mechanism of operation and some other things between open and closed face reel for those who are still wondering.


The closed face reel won its advantage of this factor. You just need to hit a button on the head, it was possible to cast. Therefore, many people who do not have much experience in fishing can choose spincast to get acquainted, especially children.

Although an open face reel is still very easy to cast but still needs a little experience to master it.

Casting distance & accuracy

Now go to a spinner, with open designs and many different sizes, it allows to hold more lines on the spool and significantly increased the casting distance. And the accuracy will increase gradually according to overtime.


You will not be able to get a quality closed face reel for only a few dollars to a few dozen dollars. Although you can still find a high-quality spincast reel with a high price, then the spinner becomes a fewer price with the same quality.

Therefore open face wins here.


You can see spinning reel is used anywhere, including freshwater and saltwater. Meanwhile, spincast can only catch small fish in freshwater. So, one more, open face win.

errors about lines

A common problem in the open face is line twists, you will have to stop the process of fighting and fixing it. And that is similar to a closed face, the mechanical problems will make it difficult for you. Therefore, equal.


I mentioned above, a spincast is much cheaper than a spinner. You only need to take a few dollars to a few dozen dollars to own a reel that can be used in one season.


I shared with you the factors to compare the two types of reels, you can rely on it to choose one to suit your purpose. Remember, no reel is better, only a more suitable one, which is the perfect answer for the question “Is an open reel better than a closed reel?”

I hope this article is useful for you. Do you have another idea?

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