How Do Inline Reels Work? Things To Know About Inline Reel

If you live in a low-temperature area, the rivers and lakes will be frozen for fishing when the winter comes. That leads to your fishing trips with difficulties. However, only with some dedicated fishing gear and cold resistance, your trip seems to become more interesting than ever. Ice fishing is always a pastime of those who like challenges and discoveries.

Before fishing, you must fully prepare everything in your fishing gear to have an effective trip. In my other lasted posts, I always refer to setting up suitable fishing gear including ice fishing is always a challenge for you, it’s not easy. You have to do everything, no one can help you, they only give you advice. Especially in cold weather conditions like ice fishing, your reels have to be more demanding than other reels.

Fortunately, I’m here to give you some tips to make things easier for you to set up fishing gear, so you can work with your reel in the most efficient way.

So, what reel can we use for ice fishing? Often, most people choose spinning reels because the cost is quite low, flexible can use for all kinds of fishing, but except for spinning reels, that is not the most optimal option for ice fishing. The inline reels have returned to the market today with marked improvements, can solve most problems that spinning reels encounter, fully meet the features of ice fishing.

And how do inline reels work? First, the spool line in this reel is released straight, which means it lies flat on the spool. That allows you to drop baits vertically.

How do inline reels work?

That is the answer to the question “how do inline reels do?”. But how to determine if it’s right for you? You could know more information below

Benefits of inline reels

Spinning reels or inline reels for ice fishing reels is always a considered choice of most people because all of its features are suitable for this sport. However, if you read online or listen to advice from someone, you will realize that really nothing is the most perfect answer for you. If so, from the beginning, either spinning reels and inline reels were not available in the market.

However, in this article, the inline fishing reel is always the top choice because of its dedicated feature for ice fishing.

The feeling of holding an inline fishing reel is comfortable.

If you only go fishing within an hour, nothing happens to your hands. But if you go fishing continuously for a few hours, even longer, what will happen if your hands are numb, painful, sore.

Therefore, its handle has a design similar to a pistol creating a pleasant feeling when holding for a long time.

holding an inline fishing reel is comfortable.

Reduce twisting line

Inline reels have a large tube that reduces its curls, from which you can jig the bait without turning back many times. I think it is one of its most outstanding advantages.

Drop bait

As mentioned above, in combination with the free spool system, the inline reels can drop baits in vertical, avoiding sagging.

Thaw ability

The freezing reel is a troublesome problem for ice anglers because it can make our reel drags very hard and line failure. However, they must face that situation because no reel can be immune. Therefore, selecting exactly a roll for ice fishing is quite important because it affects our fishing inspiration. You keep thinking when you are fighting a fish, and the drag system has a problem, then what will your feel? It must be a very loss of interest.

I don’t know how other ice fishers are, but on my own, I feel that spinning reels thaw ability is rather bad to work with because I have to take a long time to make it back to normal operation.

And finally, the Inline reel which I wanted to have appeared. The gears of it are not close to each other, so it does not easily enter the water. It only appears sticking when dropping baits if the reel is frozen. However, you need to put it next to the fire, heater some feet, or breathe on the gears for a few seconds, and it works smoothly.

the gears of inline reel

But how about the disadvantages?

Anything there is both sides of it and the reel too. And in my opinion, when reading the disadvantages below, there will be many people ignoring this reel.

Limit on the size of fish

That is hugely unfortunate for an inline reel. It is not for large fishes but is only limited to small fish like Panfish and small Walleye. Moreover, the dragging system on an inline reel cannot be as strong as a spinning reel.

However, in my opinion, this is not a drawback. Panfish and small Walley are two fish that are often targeted by people when ice fishing. for example, when the water is frozen, I always bring my fishing kit and go catch the panfish. This can always make me comfortable, relax

Difficult for beginners

The control of an inline reel for ice fishing is quite unpleasant for those who do not have much experience. You take a piece of time to be able to get used to it.

Price of inline reel

Price is one of the most attention issues when choosing to buy an inline ice fishing reel. And unfortunately, price is not the strength of the inline reel. As a result, ice fishing inline reel price may be more expensive than spinning reels, about $ 50-100.

Those are the pieces of information about “how do inline ice-fishing reels work ?” that I synthesize from my own experiences. I would like to be able to share my experiences to guide the beginners, skip the winding roads. Looking forward to it helpful to you.

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