Can You Use A Spinning Reel For Deep Sea Fishing? Things To Know

Deep-Sea fishing is one of the types of saltwater fishing, it could require a trip to the Atlantic Ocean for angling because the water depth must be over 30 meters, recognized as deep-sea fishing. 

Deep-sea fishing is always a kind of fishing that brings excitement, and do you have a tense and exciting battle with a sea monster like Sharks, Swordfish, and Marlin? when you win it with your own hands, you will have an achievement to show off with your descendants. I used to do it with my spinning reels.

And of course, this type of saltwater fishing has not only these monsters but also a diverse sky of fish species waiting for you.

To start a deep-sea fishing trip, you must set yourself a good fishing gear that includes a saltwater fishing reel. You cannot use a light fishing reel to fight monsters. Setting up suitable gear is always a challenge for most fingers, especially beginners.

Baitcasting reel is known as the most suitable for saltwater fishing; it is deep fishing game reels that have many dedicated advantages as power capacity, high accuracy, non-twisting lines but if you want to use it, you have to take a while to learn how to operate that. However, can i use other types of saltwater fishing reels like a saltwater spinning reel? Nothing is impossible; fishing is a sport depending on the habit. No one can impose you to use this, the other for saltwater fishing if you don’t want.

So, Can You Use A Spinning Reel For Deep Sea Fishing? The answer is entirely possible. No reel is the best for any fishing, but the only reel is most suitable for you in some instances.I just gave advice, the rest depends on you 

And in this post, I will only talk about saltwater spinning reels for saltwater.

Can you use a saltwater spinning reel for deep sea?

To go deep into the question, you must first determine:

  • Are you experienced or just starting?
  • Which saltwater species are your goals?
  • How much is your budget?
  • Do you have frequent fishing or just on holidays?

Have you got the answer to those questions yet? If you are a beginner, your goal is small saltwater fish, your budget is not significant, and only occasionally go deep-sea fishing, you can use spinning reels.

As for the opposite case, I encourage you to use baitcasting or conventional reel setup instead of spinning reels for saltwater fishing.

Advantages / Disadvantages of spinning reels for saltwater fishing

To be able to help you have more accurate choices for your choice, go to some advantages and disadvantages of spinning reels for saltwater

Advantages of deep sea spinning reel

  • do not cause a backlash
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for light settings, including Lines and Lures
  • Low cost the other fishing reels
  • Less messy line

Disadvantages of using saltwater fishing reels

  • Heavy, less durable
  • Not suitable for big fishes.
  • Easy to twist wire, lower accuracy, shorter transmission distance

How to cast a saltwater fishing reel

Once you’ve fully equipped with a fishing kit and ready for your trip, but how to cast with spinning reels?

First, you must know how to adjust the tension by using the drag wheels lying on the top of spinning reels, turning right to increase pressure, and reducing vice versa.

Next is to start casting. To cast, you first open up the bail on spinning reels, then hold the rod with a right hand, using the index finger to pull the line into the rod. Next, create slack for the cast by dragging a small amount of wire; throw the line out to cast when you feel enough. Roll and repeat cast if needed.

The Difference Between Inshore and Offshore or Deep Sea 

You often listen to words like Inshore, Offshore, Deep-Sea but ever you distinguish what words mean. I will speak in an easy-to-understand way.

Deep-Sea, Big Game, or Offshore have the same meaning. They target fishing activities at sea with a depth of over 30 meters. Often the goals of anglers are big fish like Tuna, Sharks, Swordfish, and Marlin, so they have to set up strong fishing gear like a strong offshore fishing reel. In particular, you have to use radars, radios to understand the weather before starting the trip, as this is a dangerous sport, the climate also influences it.

As for inshore fishing, your catch area will be a few miles from the coast. It is also the most popular type of fishing ever, and you can catch all year round with this type. The goal of inshore fishing is smaller fish like Snapper, Snook, Striped Bass.

5 tips to catch fish in the deep sea ( saltwater )

We are based on our own experiences to give tips to help you have a better experience on your trip

Seagulls are friendly friends.

My advice for beginners is first to get used to small fish first, then gradually you can switch to battles with monsters of the saltwater sea.
So how do I know which saltwater areas have small fish, which saltwater place has big fish? Who helps you have an answer here is that no one else is Seagulls. When you find that Seagulls loops around a particular area, beginners should stay away.

Because those small fish in that saltwater area are Seagulls’ primary source of food, it is also a source of food for big fish stalking there.

seagulls on deep sea

Tuna & dolphins

As we know, dolphins and tuna go together, but no one can answer precisely why they go together and which species followed. But it seems that one or both species are looking for protection from the predators by forming a mixed group.

So when catching tuna, please pay attention to avoiding dolphin damage because they are protected species.

Coral reef

Many small fish live on coral reefs, so there may be larger fish coming there to feed. Therefore, it is possible to be an ideal catching place for experienced people.

Motion sickness

Starting fishing with a boat can make you nauseous, so you can put drugs in your backpack before being out.

And of course that if you are frequently suffering from these diseases in the following boat trips, think about moving where the fish is because this kind of sport may not be for you. The trip only became attractive, excited when your status reached its peak.

Choose expert

Although not widely used, spinning reels are still things that can be used for saltwater,  even in some cases, it also does its role better than a baitcasting reel.

we cannot ignore the dangerous factors that this kind of sport brings because this is a more dangerous sport than conventional fishing activities. So if you have an intensive knowledge expert about the Deep-Sea fishing guide for you during the process of going to the sentence, there is nothing better. But, of course, it’s just for beginners.


Q: What are the types of reels for saltwater?

A: Often people use four reels for saltwater is baitcaster, spincast, spinning, and fly-fishing.

Q: What are the types of saltwater fishing

A: it includes surf fishing, backwater and flats fishing, bay fishing, deep-sea, and pier fishing.

Q: What kind of lines are there and which should we use for deep-sea?

A: There are three common categories for you to choose that are Mono, Fluro, and Braid. But in it, a braided fishing line is the most recommended type to use because it has high durability, is against good corrosion. It can also help you save a lot of money when the line is damaged.

Q: What is the gear ratio on the reel for deep-sea?

A: I think 5.1:1 and 5,4:1 are the most suitable gear ratio for this kind of sport.

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