Can You Fish in an Inflatable Boat? Things to know

Can you fish in an inflatable boat?

Can you fish on an inflatable boat

Inflatable boats are not the first choice when it comes to fishing boats. However, if you look for them, you will find that they also have advantages for fishing.

When I went fishing for the first time in an inflatable fishing boat, it gave me a whole new perspective.

So, Can you fish in an inflatable boat?

Yes, you can fish in an inflation boat. An inflation boat is sometimes also a good choice for your fishing trip.

Let’s find out with me

Can you fish in an inflatable boat?

Maybe many people mistakenly think that inflatable boats are only good for entertainment and not suitable for fishing. It is understandable when you see inflatable boats made of vinyl that don’t last very well.

But in fact, many inflatable boats are built for fishing purposes. They are made from more durable materials and have added features for fishing.

Not only that, but they also have advantages beyond your expectations.


In this article, I am not just answering the question: “Can You Fish in an Inflatable Boat?” but also showing you its advantages and disadvantages so you can make the right choice.


Can you fish with an inflatable boat

Perhaps the thing that makes you start thinking about using an inflation boat for fishing is that you don’t have enough storage space for a hard-shell boat. Nor do you have suitable vehicles (such as SUVs or trucks) to haul it.

As you know, a hard-shell boat always needs a space to fit it, a vehicle big enough to haul it, and stuff like a trailer and a cart to transport it to the fishing spots. These troubles happen because they are so big and heavy.

Fortunately, inflatable boats can solve all of these problems. All you need is a small storage space and a medium-sized truck. They are also much lighter than hard-shell boats.


Because it’s light and highly maneuverable, you can take inflatable boats wherever you want.

Hard-shell boats will be impossible for you when you want to go fishing in a location too far from home or fishing too far from the parking lot.

When you want to explore new fishing areas hundreds of miles from your home, inflatable boats are the perfect choice in this case. They are much lighter than hard-shell boats. So you can take them with you for long distances.

It’s a great experience! You can discover remarkable fishing places that not many people know.

Easy to sneak up on fish

are inflatable boats good for fishing

Inflatable boats are very quiet. They make a lot less noise than other boats, so you can take advantage of this to sneak in fish, helping you catch more fish.

What’s more, they float better than other boats, allowing you to access shallow waters.

Because they are lighter, you can easily lift them over fallen trees or rocks that get in the way when fishing.

Don’t need to have rowing experience

With other rafts, you will take time to learn how to move and stay afloat.

But when it’s inflatable boats, you won’t need to worry about these things. They are easy to float on the water and maneuver without much force.

Cost savings

Inflatable fishing boats are usually cheaper than other fishing boats.

In addition, when using inflatable boats, you will be less expensive for the accompanying things if it is a hard-shell boat such as trailers or carts.


Despite mentioned advantages, inflatable fishing boats aren’t as popular as hard-shell boats because it also has disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages include:

Poor durability

Are you looking for a boat to go fishing for a lifetime? 

So, inflatable boats are not a good choice.

Their lifespan is about 2-3 years. If properly maintained, it can last up to 8-10 years.

They are the easiest to external damage and also require the highest care.

You can’t leave inflatable boats in the sun when not in use. UV will destroy them.

Be careful when fishing in areas with many reefs or tree branches. Even though inflatable boats are made of durable materials, in the event of a collision, these boats can also be punctured and sink quickly.

Many people even wonder if sharp hooks can puncture inflatable boats. You can rest assured that these boats are not that easily damaged but if you are a little careful when casting, pulling fishing rods, catching fish, etc. is still better. Unused items should be put in the tackle box and closed.

I wrote an article about the lifespan of fishing boats, you can refer to it.

Setup every time fishing

Can you fish in inflatable boats

While they are portable and take up little storage space, inflatable boats take time to set up each time used. 

You have to inflate the boat and set everything up for each fishing trip, then deflate and pack everything up.

You can’t leave inflatable boats out of the dock like other hard-shell boats. 

So if your house has a dock or is near the marinas, you should not think about buying an inflatable boat.


I have just outlined the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable fishing boats. 

I hope they can help you to make your purchasing decision.

Again I want to answer the question: Can you fish in an inflatable boat?

You absolutely can fish an inflatable boat. Take time and see what you need.

Thanks for reading our article. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. You can see more posts on our website here.

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