What Size Kayak Is Best For Fishing?

What size kayak is best for fishing for you?

What size kayak is best for fishing

When purchasing a fishing kayak, there are many factors you need to consider.

There is a question that many people ask: What size kayak is best for fishing?

Fishing kayaks typically range in length from 9-15 feet. From my point of view, the best size for fishing is 11-12 feet. However, each person will have a different optimal number depending on each person and the purpose they use.

How does kayak size affect performance?

The performance of a kayak is highly dependent on its size.

As I’ve said in many previous posts, vesel size affects stability, tracking, maneuverability, and speed.


The most important thing about a fishing kayak is its stability.

What Kayak Size is best

Unlike others, you can paddle continuously to keep your balance. Kayak for fishing needs good stability even when standing still. You only move a short distance from the shore to the fishing spot. The rest of the time, the craft only keeps stable in place to angle.

A stable kayak is one that you can comfortably stand on without worrying about falling into the water due to loss of balance.

Wider crafts will have better stability. Most fishing kayaks have beams 30 inches or wider.


Tracking is the ability of the boat to maintain a straight line while paddling. A good tracking kayak is when it’s easy to keep straight instead of zig-zagging. It will help you paddle faster but with less effort.

The longer the kayak, the better the tracking ability.


Maneuverability is a kayak’s ability to navigate. This element of the fishing kayaks is also important because when you go fishing, you often need to navigate them to avoid obstacles or follow the fish, especially in narrow places such as small ponds, creeks, and backwaters.

What fishing Kayak Size is best

The shorter the kayak, the more maneuverable it is. Ones under 11 feet have good maneuverability.


The longer and narrower the kayaks, the faster the speed will be. Usually, those longer than 12 feet provide good speed performance.

However, how fast can kayaks be? You can’t expect them to be incredibly fast, even if you update a motor for them.

Selecting the Best size for Fishing Kayak

You’d better pick a suitable length-to-width ratio of the kayak so that you can balance the above factors to suit your personal use.

Factors you need to consider when choosing a kayak

Everyone will have different answers to What size kayak is best for fishing? Find one for yourself.

Your weight

When choosing a size for kayaks, the first thing you need to keep in mind is not their performance but your size.

Being able to sit comfortably in a kayak is a priority when fishing. You will not be able to enjoy the fun when your seats are too tight or worry about whether the craft will capsize.

If you weigh less than 200 pounds, 10-12 foot kayaks are fit for you. If it’s heavier, you’ll probably need a bigger one.


Kayak size also reflects their carrying capacity.

Unlike recreational boating, when fishing, you need to carry a lot of gear, so in addition to choosing a craft that fits you, you need to consider its extra storage space.

Before buying one, you need to sit down and list all the things you need to bring when you go fishing, then imagine how you will arrange them on your craft and make a purchase decision.

I always prefer a kayak with wide tank wells to hold the cooler and other fishing gear.


You had better think about where you usually go fishing before buying a fishing kayak.

If it’s a place near your house or where there is a berth, you don’t need to worry about transporting the kayak. So, it will be fine in any size. You can choose the size as large as you like.

Selecting the Best size Kayak for Fishing

However, most people using kayaks have to transport them a distance from home to the fishing place. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to its portability. The more compact, small, and light a device is, the higher the portability. Look for a kayak that will fit your vehicle, or else you’ll have to figure out how to handle it before you buy.

Bodies of water

Another thing to learn is the bodies of water where you plan to go fishing.

You had better use boats with good tracking and speed when you need to paddle for long distances, for example, in open water areas, rivers, large lakes, and seas.

When fishing in the sea, a larger size will keep you safe and have better paddling performance. A length of 12-14 feet is suitable.

If you often go fishing in rough water and flowing rivers, you should choose a kayak that is a bit wide for better stability.

If fishing in small areas or swampy locations such as small ponds, creeks, and backwaters, you will need a kayak with good navigation to avoid obstacles or navigate in a winding direction.

Conclusion – What size kayak is best for fishing?

In short, before deciding to purchase a fishing kayak, you should carefully study its size. You all know how it affects your boat’s performance and how you feel.

For someone who is not too big like me, I prefer a kayak that is 11-12 feet long.

Hopefully, the above article can help you find the answer to What size kayak is best for fishing for you?

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