What Is A Long Cast Reel?

Surf fishing genre, currently very popular. But to conquer this type of fishing, the first thing is that you need to throw the bait far, right on target. However, you often have difficulty in throwing away, making your fishing experience not as expected?

What is a long cast reel? A Long Cast Reel is a fishing reel specifically designed for surf fishing and other types of fishing that require a long casting. The long cast reel also has many different sizes and designs depending on the point of view of each manufacturer.

You understand that in addition to the Long casting technique. The fishing reel is also one of the factors that determine the distance, supporting the throwing force to help the bait fall on the right target.
If you are looking for a line of fishing reels that support Long casting, do not rush to skip this article!

What is a long cast reel?

In fishing, fishing technique and gear are two key factors that determine your fishing experience. The same goes for surf fishing, to get the best long casting results. In addition to technique, you should equip yourself with the right gear and the reel is one of the most important fishing gear.

Understanding that, the Long Cast reel series was born as an effective assistant, fully meeting the necessary conditions for long casting.

a long cast reel

Long cast reel as the name suggests has higher spool than normal spool. Some also have a pot style similar to a truncated cone, this style is often found in the designs of large reel manufacturers.

With the advantage of helping to have a longer casting, the spool can hold more meters of line and still ensure good load capacity. So these Long cast reels are quite popular in the fishing world and are manufactured by many brands.

However, Long cast reel also has a disadvantage, high spool means that the main shaft has to bear more impact force. If the force acting on the shaft is too large and uneven, it will easily cause the die to be bent and cracked. But this is very rare.

The biggest obstacle to long casting is the friction between the line and the reel created during the casting process.
For conventional reels, the reel is usually deep, has an average spool height. So the line is stacked in several layers. This results in a rather large frictional force, which limits the long casting.

To limit this friction, anglers should invest in a Long cast reel. Because, Long cast reel has a long spool line, the fishing line will not be coiled tightly and overlapped too much. Creating larger loop areas to help the line, from which the line comes out smoothly and with less resistance. than.

long casting

Tips for choosing a Long cast reel

First, you need to determine the criteria for choosing a reel based on the location, the type of fish and the desired features of the reel. For the type of fishing that requires long casting is almost always done along the coast. That means that the Long cast reel you choose must have water-resistant, anti-salt features.

In addition, you need to determine the size of the reel based on the weight of the fish you want to catch. The Long cast reel lines are mostly used for big fishing, so the machine has sizes from 5000 and up. Some Long cast reels are still small in size.

For offshore fishing, it is necessary to choose a fishing reel with a capacity of at least 300 yards (about 275m). It sounds like a lot. But in reality when fish bite they can run out from 100 yards to 150 yards (91m-137m) and you can control the fish to swim in that distance until they are exhausted.

a long casting


You already have the answer to the “What is a long cast reel?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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