What Is A Big Pit Reel?

For anglers around the world. It can be said that carp fishing is a difficult job. Firstly, carp are very smart, they are not easily caught. And secondly and more importantly, carp is a fish that can reach huge sizes, making fishing them never easy.

Because of the attractiveness of fishing this type of fish, reel manufacturers have produced a special type of reel for catching big carp, the Big pit reel.

What is a big pit reel? Big pit reel is a type of reel developed from far casting sea fishing reels. The capacity of bit pit reels is very good, meaning they can hold a lot of of line. In fact, they hold double or even triple what other reels on the market can hold. It can cast the rig far out into the water, this is especially when fishing on a big lake.  

To learn more about this special reel, you can refer to my article below. Hope it can help you.

What is a big pit reel?

Derived from cast far sea fishing reels, the large holes are designed to take the rigs away from the lake. The bigger the spool means a better line lay as the oscillation on the spool moving up and down is slower.

This type of reel is generally better for carp anglers who plan to spend many nights onshore and are hunting for a monster-sized carp. Some big pits also feature a free spool system which allows the drag to slacken and line to be stripped from the spool very easily.

Big Pit Reels offer distance casting, more crank power, and in the coarse fishing world are mainly used at large venues for specimen fish. They are often considered carp fishing reels due to these characteristics.

what is big pit reels

When visiting a large fishery/big pit venue requires a long casting. You need a reel that’s right for the job; this led to the development of Big Pit Reels.

Big Pit Reels have large capacity reels combined with additional crank power, often accompanied by a secondary baitrunner clutch.

This means they can create unparalleled distances, while also providing greater control and power over stronger fighting fish, making the large reels ideal for larger venues. Larger spots and sample fishing.

They also make efficient Spod Reels due to their fast retrieval speed.

Essentially big pit reels are best used on large venues, where casts of over 120 yards are required, and when you are targeting larger specimen fish. This takes advantage of the casting, control ability, and power that big pit reels provide.

Big pit reel vs Baitrunner reel

I’ve talked about this in previous posts, about the effectiveness that Baitrunner brings when fishing big and smart fish like carp.
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In this section, I will compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of reels. Hope you will find the answers to your questions.

baitrunner reels for feeder fishing

Big pit reel


  • Big pit reels are big are capable of pulling in those monster carp. They make fighting big fish much easier.
  • The capacity of bit pit reels is very good, meaning they can hold a lot of lines. In fact, they hold many times ​what other reels on the market can hold.

  • Bit pit reels originate from far casting sea fishing reels which basically means the reel can cast the rig far out into the water, this is especially when fishing on a big lake.


  • Large reels can become very expensive making them inaccessible to all anglers, which is a major drawback.
  • Some big pits are very heavy so are not practice to hold for long periods of time on the bank.
  • Only suitable for a certain style of fishing. Because the size is too big.



  • They are generally easier to master than big pit reels. Help anglers acquire more important skills. And with proficient use of them, anglers can predict exactly when they have a fish on.
  • Their price is much cheaper than Big pit reels.
  • Baitrunner is versatile with many different fishing styles, you can use them in a variety of situations.


  • Can get damaged if you’re fishing for large fish as the mechanism in some freestyle Baitrunner is very sophisticated and built only to pull smaller fish. Not the best reel to use if you are aiming to land large carp.
  • Baitrunner’s high sensitivity also has a drawback that they may be constantly striking with the rod even if there is no fish on the end of the line.
Big pit reel vs Baitrunner


You already have the answer to the “What is a big pit reel?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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