What Is A Bait Clicker For?

For an effective fishing trip, there are many factors you need to know to set up suitable fishing gear about the reel, drag, spool, line, bait,… for you to make the best use of what you have.

There will always be instances when we are distracted, eating a sandwich, or other cases when cast fishing reel and the fish takes the bait and runs away. So how to fix that case?

A bait clicker- a casting reel with special functions – will be the perfect choice for your reels.

So, what is a bait clicker for? In simple terms, it has the effect of making noises when a fish takes the bait to let you know it’s time to fight.

What is a bait clicker for?

Next, I will state all I know about clickers on the reels, which you can refer to.

The bait clicker’s operating principle

Most buttons are located on the free spool’s left side of spinning reels(looking down from the reel while you’re holding it). So you need to press that button, and you have done switching to the clicker mode. The following job you need to do is put the rod on the holder and wait for the fish to hook.

You can check that you have switched to this mode by gently pulling on the line; you have succeeded if it makes noises.

Once you have started fighting the fish, it is best to turn off the bait clicker, or the errors will appear after a while. The clicker, spring, etc., will show signs of wear, and it will also limit your casting distance if you keep that mode and fight.

When to use a bait clicker?

A bait clicker is not always suitable for your reels. Here are some situations where you should use it:

Inexperienced people or children

First of all are beginners, less experience or children. Often these people will be more negligent and have no expertise knowing when the fish will bite.

Especially children, playfulness is always a pretty significant hindrance when they catch catfish.

Inexperienced people or children

Fishing many rods at the same time

Next are those who use multiple rods and reels at once. It will be more difficult for you to control all the rods and reels. Sometimes you will ignore it, especially for fish that take the bait in a split second.

Fishing many rods at the same time

Visually impaired people

A special case is that it is very suitable for visually impaired people. They won’t know when the fish will bite, but with the bait clicker on the reel, all they need to do is sit and wait for the noise from it to play.

Live bait or tight-lining on the bottom

When using live bait or tight-lining on the bottom, a bait clicker is also something you should have on your reels, especially catfish reels. If your line sinks deep into the bottom, determining when to bite will be more difficult. 

Conversely, if you’re catfishing on the water and a bobber is within sight, it is not for you. Besides, if you prefer keeping drag locked down, you don’t need to use it. It won’t have a meaning if you use it for fishing reel drag which is having a big reel tension.

no need bait clicker when fishing on the water

Fishing at night

It was my bad experience when I didn’t know Bait clicker. I will have to keep staring at my rod and see if the fish has bitten the hook or not. I mostly miss a lot of fish before setting the hook.

Bad weather conditions.

Often, people like to challenge themselves when they bring their gear to the stream to fish while it is raining heavily and the wind is strong.

Visibility will be severely restricted when you have to sit in a shelter from the rain and watch over the fish. Now that’s much easier.

fishing in Bad weather conditions.


A bait clicker is a pretty helpful thing for your reels. It helps you increase the total number of fish you catch on the trip. So, if you are in the above cases, you’d better equip your reels with this system.

I who spend every day finding exciting battles have shared with you my knowledge and experience about gear collected from many years of anglers, and I hope it will be helpful to you. My hobby is sharing helpful information to help you grow up and do better on your next trip.

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