How To Hold A Spinning Reel

Lure fishing is an extremely interesting sport. Because the angler must constantly be in motion, constantly moving. To use the Spinning reel in the best way to help cast the bait to your liking. That’s a real problem for beginners.

Of course, to use spinning, you must first know How to hold a spinning reel? – Right hand to hug the fishing rod at the reel mounting position. 2 fingers on the front of the reel foot, 2 fingers on the back, and the index finger on the rod. Don’t hold at the end of the fishing rod.

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How to hold a spinning reel

Some of my friends say that even though they have been using spinning reels for a while. They still have pain and fatigue when they come back from fishing. If you are having the same problem, then it is likely that you are holding the spinning and casting incorrectly.

There are many techniques for handling spinning reels and rods. But I will share my grip technique with you. I have used it so far. It is very effective and does not cause hand fatigue. Right hand to hug the fishing rod at the reel mounting position. 2 fingers on the front of the reel foot, 2 fingers on the back, and the thumb on the rod. The index finger will now be used to reach for the fishing line. You can use 3 fingers on the front of the reel foot and one on the back. Try a pattern a few times to see which grip works best for you.

I will use my left hand to hold the end of the fishing rod when casting. Don’t hold at the end of the fishing rod. 

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How to hold a spinning reel


Wrong way to hold a spining reel


First, I will introduce some key details above spinning. The first is a switch on the back of the reel. Flicking on this button can switch to 1 of 2 modes: 2-way spin and 1-way spin. The second is the “reel handle tightner lossner”. This is the detail opposite the handle. Open it, and you can change the handle left or right depending on your dominant hand (this detail is not available on the baitcaster).

To attach the reel to the rod, do the following: First, twist the rod handle’s bottom in a spiral. There are 2 small slots for you to insert the reel foot into this part. Do the movement very skillfully. When screwing in, you should tighten it a little bit. Because if it is loose, then the reel can fall out during fishing.

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How to attach spinning reel to rod

A few small notes

The first thing you want to make sure you have is a spinning rod instead of a baitcasting rod. You know it’s a spinning rod if these eyes are on the bottom of the rod blank, so on the same side is the reel. If they’re on the top and they’re small. That would mean you have a baitcasting rod, and you’d want to make sure you get yourself a spinning rod.

There are quite a few types of casting with spinning: overhead, rolling, pitching, … depending on the terrain, a different type will be used. But usually, I will use an overhead cast because it is very suitable for a spinner. You can refer to learning those types of a cast in other articles on my website.


Getting used to something new takes time.

You already have the answer to the “How to hold a spinning reel?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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