How To Fix Line Twist On Spinning Reel

Have you ever been out fishing with your spinning rod and reel just enjoying the day happy to be out on the water and enjoying nature and then suddenly disaster strikes? It can be a line twist!

How to fix line twist on spinning reel. It’s not difficult to fix that. There are many guides on the internet. However, some of you still email me saying that their spinning reels are tangled and cannot be fixed.

In this article I will show you how to do it correctly. If you still don’t know how to cast a spinning, refer to the following article: How To Cast A Spinning Reel

How to fix line twist on a spinning reel

You want to use the following tip to reduce or eliminate knots and loops and your spinning reel.

  • First, you want to cast your bait out into the water as far as possible, then flip the bail closed on your spinning reel.
  • Kneel and wet your fingers. Pinch the line between your fingers as firmly as you can comfortably.
  • Keep your rod tip in the water to ensure that the line stays moist. If it dries out, you could burn or cut your fingers. Do not do this with a braided fishing line. Or you can use a towel to do this.
  • Reel the line back onto your reel, and this will get a good number of the loops or twists out of your line repeat as necessary.

how to untangle spinning reel

I’ve had a lot of guys ask me, “How do I remove line twists from my spinning rod if I’m fishing from the bank, or maybe I don’t have access to a watercraft?” Please use the below method.

  • First of all, cut off in some line from your rod and tie it onto something. This case is a tree branch, but it could also be maybe a chain link fence or maybe your side mirror on your car that you have. Then make a loose loop on there.
  • The next thing you do is take a snap swivel to tie it on the end of the line. Doesn’t matter what size. Then, you hook it onto the lines you’ve got right there.
  • Now, once you’ve done that, all you do is flip the bail and spool off a bunch of lines. Go about 30 or so yards, maybe 40 yards, spool off a bunch of lines.
  • Now you’ve done that, all you do is flip the bail, tighten up on that line and point it right back to where you had it tied onto.
  • The point at it, tighten it down, pull back on a bit, and have a nice and tightened this, hold it for about 30 seconds. What’s happening is that line twist is making that ball bearing on that snap swivel spin. It’s getting all that twist out.
  • Once it’s done, all you do is just walk back towards where you had it tied onto while you’re turning the handle and keep it in nice and tight. And that’s it.

how to untangle a spinning reel

How to prevent line twist on a spinning reels

I want to give you some tips on how to prevent twisting your line-up on your spinning. There are three things.

  • The first thing is how you spool the line onto the reel itself. One of them is when you’re rigging your soft plastic baits on spinning gear, make sure that that hook is on straight. It acts as a keel, and if it’s off even by just a little bit, it can cause that bait to turn and spin in the water. After you rig it, I would recommend you dump the bait in the water right next to you and pull it and take a look and see if it’s spinning or turning. If it is, readjust as necessary until it runs straight. That causes many problems right there, so that’s one thing you can do.
  • The other is when you’re fighting a fish, and if he’s pulling drag, don’t rebel against it. I know it’s really easy to do, and it’s just instinct to reel against the fish like that but don’t. Because of that line, think about it, it’s going straight, and it’s not moving at all. And all you’re doing is just turning the reel against it. You’re just twisting the line-up. And I guarantee if you’re fighting a fish, you’re turning and turning and reeling, and you’re trying to get them to come back at you, you’ve put hundreds of twists in that lines in an instant.
  • So a better way to fight against a fish, if he starts pulling drag, maybe you’ve got the drag too loose, or he’s just taking off on you and going to a place you don’t want him to go, take your finger and put light pressure on the side of the spool and slow him down that way. You can press down harder or lighter or whatever you need to do to keep them from running, but that way, you’re not putting twists in your line, and you can control that fish a little bit better.

How to prevent line twist on a spinning reels

Questions & Answers

What causes a line twist on a spinning reel?  It is quite simple. If the end of the line – the bait, lure or fly end – can rotate around its axis, line-twist will work its way up the line. The more line from the reel, the further the twist will work its way up the line. Using swivels that do not swivel is a good method of building a line twist.

Should I be worried about the line turning/spinning when using live bait, or is that a plastic bait problem?  Yes, it can happen with live bait too. And remember, don’t put too much or too heavy of line on your spool. If you overfill your spool, your fishing line won’t stay as tight, it will unravels and falls off the spool.


You already have the answer to the “How to fix line twist on spinning reel”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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