How To Change A Fishing Reel From Right To Left-Handed

You are an avid fisherman, and fly reel is your favorite reel, or you are just getting used to it. Can the fly reel handle be switched from left to right or vice versa? The answer is yes. You can do this. What about other fishing reels?

How to change a fishing reel from right to left-handed? Shifting a right-handed fishing reel (which follows the order of having a right-hand cast and a left-hand retrieve) to a left-handed one is simple. Each type of reel has a different way. You need to follow my simple steps in the article below. 

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How to switch a fly reel from left to right

How can you reverse the drag on your fly reel? These are set up right now for a left-handed fly fisherman. However, I am right-handed, so that’s when I will be switching it to.

First, I’m going to start with the 7 8 weight. So you can see there’s a little bit of a lever right here. It’s on the middle button. Just pull that to the side, and that’ll allow you to pull the spool right off. As you can see, there’s like a hexagon-shaped gear in here trapped by a little wire piece. What you’re going to do is remove that wire piece. So take something like a small nail-like I’ve got here. Or a little mini screwdriver and pry that little wire piece out.

Now you want to be careful as you do this because if you don’t hold down on one side of this little wire. This thing could go flying off, and you’re going to be trying to find a needle in a haystack, so now that I’ve got that wire piece out. I’m going to take this little hexagon-shaped gear.

How to switch a fly reel from left to right

It should just slide right out. Once I’ve got it out, I’m just going to it over and slide it back in place. And once I’ve got it back in there. I’m going to take that wire piece and trap that gear, so it doesn’t slide out. Like, so I’m going to put the spool back together.
And there you have it. Now it’s set up for right-handed fly fishing.

How to switch spinning reel handle

There is a knob located opposite the handle. Here can unscrew to loosen the handle and flip it onto the other side. Keep twisting until this knob comes off. Notice to be sure that nothing breaks. There’s a little screw in there, and you don’t want anything dropping or breaking.

So now that I’ve done that, I can take this handle off, and now all I have to do is to put them back on the opposite side the way you took them off. I’m going to screw it in righty tightly onto the right side.

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Can you switch the handle on a baitcaster?

No, we cannot change the direction of the handle of a baitcasting. Because baitcasting is very different from spinning, it doesn’t have its handle connected from outside like in spinning real. Instead, it is connected to the entire mechanism of the rotating shaft from the inside.

So if you want to use yourself as a Baitcaster, you should choose a Baitcaster with a handle on the right if you are left-handed and a Baitcaster with a handle on the left if you are right-handed.

Can you switch the handle on a baitcaster

Questions And Answers

Do right-handed people reel with their right hand? –  Most right-handed anglers will use a spinning that has the handle on the left. So I am casting and holding the rod with my right hand and reeling with my left hand. … My friends also prefer trolling reels with left-handed handles on them as well.

Why does my reel reel backward? – Many modern fishing reels use anti-reverse clutches or mechanisms that allow it  to spin both ways. This is to make them easier to use and to prevent the line from breaking while pulling the fish in. There are times when these devices get jostled, causing them to turn in one way only, such as backward.


Getting used to something new takes time.

You already have the answer to the “How to change a fishing reel from right to left-handed?”. Remember, everything depends on your personal preferences. Any reels are expensive or cheap, it will still be useless if you can’t master them.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Do you have another idea?

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