How Much Wind Is Too Much for Kayak Fishing? How to Keep Safe?

How much wind is too much for kayak fishing?

How much wind is too much for kayak fishing

Kayak fishing is a great outdoor activity for men who love fishing.

It is undeniable that wind is a natural factor in this activity.

So, How much wind is too much for kayak fishing?

The quick answer is that All winds above 15 miles per hour (~13 knots) are dangerous for kayak fishing. Otherwise, winds of less than 10 MPH are safe.

How dangerous is kayak fishing in windy weather?

How much wind is too much for kayak fishing

Fishing kayaks often have angler seats higher than other kayaks to provide better sight lines and more comfort for the fisherman.

However, when encountering high winds, you will be more easily blown away and suffer stronger wind resistance.

Paddling against the wind will consume a lot of your energy. You will quickly become exhausted. 

In addition, the wind will cause large waves that make kayaking and fishing more difficult.

The worst part is that your kayak can tip over, so be extremely careful when kayaking in high winds.

To avoid that, you should listen to your weather station before going out. 

How much wind is too much for kayak fishing? Exact figures

Any wind below 10 MPH is ideal conditions for fishing from a kayak. A little wind can make your kayaking less strenuous.

Winds of 10 to 14 MPH can make this activity more difficult. It is not impossible to fish in this condition, but you need to consider whether it is worth it or not.

Winds greater than 15 MPH will be dangerous, so you mustn’t kayak at this station.

If you love this activity, check the weather forecast regularly and mark days with good weather and winds below 10 MPH to prepare for your trip.

Now you know the exact How much wind is too much for kayak fishing? so don’t forget to check the weather forecast before each fishing trip.

Tips for kayak fishing on windy days

How windy is too windy for kayak fishing

You have planned and prepared everything to have a fun fishing trip. Unfortunately, it is a windy day you do not want to cancel the trip at all. So here are some tips that might help you in this case.

Start early

It’s usually windy and dangerous at the close of the day. So why not start your trip earlier so you’ll finish early and avoid high winds?

Stay close to shore

As you know, the further from the shore, the stronger the influence of the wind.

Therefore, on windy days, fishing near the shore will be safer.

In addition, when you stay close to the shore, you can easily get ashore quickly to avoid danger when there is a strong wind.

Use an anchor

If you are going to fish in windy conditions, an anchor can help keep your boat from blowing away.

Remember to choose an anchor suitable for the bottom surface where the anchor is placed (sand, rock, mud, etc.) and is important enough to hold the kayak stationary.

If you don’t have an anchor, buy one now.

Have a PFD

A PFD is essential for all your fishing trips. Especially on windy days, you mustn’t forget to wear PFD.

It will keep you safe if you accidentally fall into the water.

There are many different types of PFDs choose one that suits your needs.

Get plenty of food and liquids

Kayaking in windy conditions is exhausting, so prepare enough food and water to fuel yourself.

Remember that the above tips only apply when winds are no more than 15 MPH. On the other hand, it’s better to stay at home.

What should you do if high winds pick up while you are still on the water?

Even though you’ve looked at the weather forecast and determined it’s a nice day for kayak fishing. However, nature’s unexpected high winds start to pick up with no prediction. What should you do now?

Hurry back to the shore

First, you need to keep calm, try to paddle with the wind instead of going against it will help you save your force, and try to get to the shore as quickly as possible.

Seek help from other boaters

If you are lucky enough to meet someone at this time, ask for help or be together. It will be safer than going alone.

What should you do when your kayak overturns?

– Flip the boat back to the upright position

– Gather the necessary gear for the boat with things that are too far to reach or are not too important consider throwing them away

– Clear up one side of the boat

– Lay out flat if you can, hold one side of the boat with both hands, and jet yourself up onto the boat. So that you get your body over the tipping point, center your belly button with the boat

– Bring your legs in and rotate your butt

– Kick your legs until you have enough leverage and momentum to get everyone back into the boat

– Carefully relax your body until you are back on the boat.


Wind can bring both advantages and disadvantages on your fishing trip.

Remember to always have everything ready for your trip. In particular, it’s necessary to check the weather forecast in advance. 

If the wind is above 15 MPH choose another beautiful day and time instead.

Thanks for reading our article about How much wind is too much for kayak fishing? If you have any questions, leave a comment below. You can see more posts on our website here.

Keep safe and enjoy your outing.

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