Can You Fish From a Sit-in Kayak?

Can you fish from a sit-in kayak?

Can you fish from a sit in kayak

Are you interested in kayak fishing and want to buy a kayak for this? Are you considering sit-in kayaks that can serve both recreation purposes?

Or do you already have a sit-in and wonder if you can use it to go fishing?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will answer the question Can you fish from a sit-in kayak?

Yes, you can fish from a sit-in kayak. Although sit-on-tops are the leading products for fishing, there are now many manufacturers designing sit-in fishing kayaks. You can still use it for fishing, even if it’s not a fishing craft. Of course, it will be a bit inconvenient.


To know: Can you fish from a sit-in kayak? Let see its advantages and disadvantage.

You may not believe it, but sit-inside kayaks also have many advantages.


Sit-in kayaks have better speed than sit-on-top ones.

It demands lower physical on the paddler, especially when you need to paddle long distances. You only need to use a small force to make the boat move well on the water.


Sit-in kayaks usually have a compact design and good maneuverability. They can easily navigate through narrow bodies of water or areas with more obstacles, such as swamps, small ponds, creeks, and backwaters.


Sit-in kayaks are always lower to the water’s surface, so they have good stability despite having a smaller beam size than sit-on-tops.

Because of that, their surface area exposed to the wind is less, so the wind is hard to blow them around.

Keep dry

While getting wet while sitting on sit-on-top kayaks is inevitable, sit-in ones are not.

A spray skirt can completely keep your lower body dry during the fishing trip. You will be grateful for its advantages in the winter when just a little water, you will also feel freezing.

Can you fish in a sit in kayak

Plus, it will keep you warmer in winter. Some skirts make you feel like you’re sitting in a warm blanket and going fishing.


Fishing kayaks are usually lightweight. So you can easily transport them.

It is perfect when you want to go fishing far from home. You can put it in your car without an SUV or truck, or other outside help.

Can you use a sit in kayak for fishing

Because they’re lightweight, you can lift and carry them to launch alone.

Use for recreation

If you want boats both used for fishing and recreation, sit-in kayaks are a suitable choice. They have the features that recreational kayaks should have.



For sure, sit-in kayaks will have less room than sit-on-top kayaks. It leads to a lot of inconveniences when fishing. It gives you a less comfortable seat and less storage space for fishing gear.

Can you use sit in kayaks for fishing

While fishing requires carrying a lot of gear, your sit-in won’t allow you to do that. You must carefully consider the necessary items to bring and give up the cooler and the fishing crate.

Difficulty getting in and out of the water

Sit-in kayaks are hard to get in and out of the water without swamping them because they are more difficult to balance without pressure.

Lower seat and hard to stand up

Can you fish on a sit in kayak

The lower seat reduces visibility, and you can’t see the fish underwater. It is an aspect many anglers don’t like about sit-in kayaks.

Plus, it hard to stand up to observe or cast on them.

There is no drainage hole in the boat

Since the hull of a sit-in boat is often under the water, it is impossible to design scuppers for drainage as sit-on-top kayaks. So once the water enters the craft, you must suck it out with a bilge pump or sponges.

Can you fish from a sit inside kayak

Get hot in the summer

While the advantage is that it can be kept warm in the winter, when you go fishing in the summer, you often get hot and stuffy due to spray skirts. You can choose not to use them to feel better. But water may get into the boat and wet you with your gear.

Fewer choices

Since sit-in kayaks are still not as popular for fishing as sit-on-top kayaks, their designs are not as diverse.

While sit-on-top kayaks come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and manufacturers, sit-in kayaks are a little meager. So you don’t have much choice when buying a sit-in kayak.

What should a fishing sit-in kayak have?

Currently, there are many types of sit-in fishing kayaks produced with upgrades to be more suitable for fishing, some highlights such as:


Although sit-in kayaks do not have as much space as sit-on-top ones, nowadays also have many improvements to expand the room. They have a few small compartments and hatches for gear and your catches, both at the front and back. The deck can also be used for storage.

Rod holder

All fishing kayaks have rod holders, and sit-in fishing kayaks are no exception. It helps to hold the fishing rod when paddling or doing other things.


When fishing, you need to sit on the boat for a long time, at least 3-4 hours. So comfort in the seat is always a priority.

Today’s sit-in fishing kayaks often have a more spacious cockpit to assist in this case.

Can you fish in a sit inside kayak

Conclusion – Can you fish from a sit-in kayak?

Thus, while not as popular as sit-on-top kayaks, sit-in ones can still be used for fishing.

These days, many manufacturers are also interested in this product line, so they have launched products with significant improvements to make your fishing trip more convenient.

Stay safe, and have a good fishing trip.

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