Can You Cast A Level Wind Reel?

For an effective fishing trip, you should understand your gear’s features are essential to casting, including reel, line, rod,… You won’t be able to work with it if you don’t know anything.

There have been many views that the levelwind reel can’t cast in recent times, they said it was not casting reels. So I had to take my fishing gear out and start to cast to test the accuracy of that view. And after much practice, I realized that was a misconception.

So, Can you cast a level wind reel? The answer is quite possibly, you can cast a levelwind reel. I usually cast with my thumb to stop it when the lure hits the surface. However, it can take some practice to learn how to cast with your thumb and use it as a brake. Casting with levelwind reels will be not easy for beginners.

Can you cast a level wind reel?

If we let the reel spin faster than the line when casting, they can result in reel backlashes. This is an annoying problem on reels for most anglers; at this point, the line will tangle like a “bird nest.” So this is when you should slow down the roller manually using your thumb.

Next, I would delve into the level wind reels; you can refer to the info below.

Information about the levelwind reel

It is also known as a baitcasting reel with levelwind mechanism. It has a line guide that moves back and forth from the horizontal direction of the spool reel, steadily accelerating from left to right and vice versa. Thus when retrieving, the line guides ensure that the line is automatically distributed evenly on both sides over the width of the spool, without condensing a large amount of line on one reel side.

baitcasting reel with a level wind mechanism

How to cast that fishing reel with levelwind mechanism?

We don’t have to put our thumb on the spool reel when throwing and releasing the bait to cast; should wait until it is at the top of the arc we made, then use your thumb to adjust the tension on the spool. This time it acts as a brake and stops the spool when the bait hits the water. we are then free to use our favorite fishing techniques to cast once the bait is entirely in the water.

You have to wait until the bait reaches the top of the arc before applying friction to the spool by placing your thumb to adjust the string’s tension when casting because thumbing the spool too early will prevent the casting distance. Similarly, if it’s too late for the spool to continue spinning while the bait is no longer moving, making your line look like a bird’s nest.

line look like a bird's nest.

Don’t worry about having to stare all the time to determine when it reaches the top of the arc; after a few practices, it will become your natural reflex. Of course, by then, you are comfortable with using your thumb.

In addition, the wind reel level also has many other ways to avoid “bird’s nest” by adjusting the drag force using three standard-setting methods: backlash drag, magnet drag or centrifugal drag, and star drag.

Try to practice it many times to get used to it, don’t do it the wrong way because I think you won’t want to experience the ominous feeling the bird’s nest gives you. Perhaps casting with a level wind reel will be a bit more complex than with a spinning reel. If you don’t know anything yet, start with a baitcasting or conventional reel before going into casting with it.

Pros and cons of levelwind reels

There is some controversy between whether to use a level wind reel or a non-level wind reel. In general, this argument usually takes place between beginners and people with little experience. Each reel has its distinct advantages and disadvantages, which will lead to different workability depending on other circumstances. And a strong influencing factor between choosing these two reels is your preference.

Here I will summarize the pros and cons of this level wind feature; you can look at it and make your reel choice.


  • More powerful power
  • Possessing high quality, good durability
  • Multiple options to adjust the traction
  • Easier to cast with the thumb
  • cast very precisely


  • Difficulty for beginners
  • Possible backlash if cast in the wrong way


This reel has a unique function that you should try once in your fishing journey. Then, if you spend a few times of practice, you will realize the beautiful feelings that this reel brings. Combining with a suitable rod, the levelwind will help you better with casting techniques.

I have compiled the info you need to know and will give you some advice. The decision of whether to own a level wind reel or not is up to you. I hope this article is helpful to you.

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