Top 7 Best Fly Reel For The Money

7 Best Fly Reel For The Money

For a person who intends to buy a fly reel for fishing, perhaps the first question they ask is: “what is the best fly reel for the money?“. Everyone wants something powerful at an affordable price, whether professional anglers are looking for a spare reel or just getting into fly fishing for a few months.

There are many different manufacturers and types of fly reels on the market today, and how to find the best budget fly reel can be challenging. We tried to survey for many months and finally selected the top 7 best fly reel for the money. If you are interested, check it out below.

Best Fly Reel For The Money (Quick Comparison)

If you are in a hurry, refer to the quick comparison table below:

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Top 7 Best Fly Reel For The Money


M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch ECO Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel (3/4wt 5/6wt 7/8wt) and Pre-Loaded Fly Reel with Line Combo (Black Fly Reel, 2/3 Weight)
1,822 Reviews
M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch ECO Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel (3/4wt 5/6wt 7/8wt) and Pre-Loaded Fly Reel with Line Combo (Black Fly Reel, 2/3 Weight)
  • ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY – we as a 16 years fly reel factory, offer “No Hassle” warranty for all our reels. If you are not 100% satisfied with our reel, you can return it in any time.
  • OUTSTANDING VALUE – this reel incorporates all of the features of reels that costing much more money. We just wish to bring the experience of Fly fishing to more people
  • Strong and Durable All-aluminum construction, Large arbor design for rapid line retrieval
  • Rugged disc drag for putting serious pressure on the fish. One-way bearing for quick and easy left-to-right hand retrieval switch
  • Pre-loaded with fly line, backing and leader

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Looking at this product, the first thing that will surprise you will surely be its price, the best cheap fly reel on the list. At just under $50, the Maxcatch ECO is also equipped with some features of reels a few times more expensive than it is.

This is a product for beginners or those who need the Best Fly Reel For The Money as a backup. There are quite a few weights for you to choose from 1 to 8 wt. As well as 5 different colors, if you are a person who likes bright colors, Maxcatch ECO will not disappoint you.

It was created only from the traditional die-cast method, all-aluminum construction as a cheap lfy reel. Although not too good, it is still strong enough and durable enough for freshwater applications. Remember, freshwater only, if you’re taking it out for saltwater fishing, although it’s possible, it’ll go bad soon.

One advantage of this reel is that it has a large arbor, which allows you to handle more lines. Moreover, thanks to the support of the disc drag system, you have a chance to fight larger fish in the event of an unexpected situation.

Key Features

  • All-aluminum die-cast construction
  • From 1 to 8 wt
  • Disc drag system
  • Large arbor


  • Low price
  • Suitable for freshwater applications


  • Heavyweight and low backing capacity
  • Traction is not strong

Redington BEHEMOTH

Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Fishing Reel, Multipurpose Fly Reel for Freshwater and Saltwater, Large Arbor and Adjustable Drag, Black. 4/5
743 Reviews
Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Fishing Reel, Multipurpose Fly Reel for Freshwater and Saltwater, Large Arbor and Adjustable Drag, Black. 4/5
  • BEHEMOTH FLY REEL: Combines the most powerful drag in its class with stunning aesthetics that push the limits of fly reel design. Sized for your favorite 5-weight trout rod, and all the way up to saltwater ready, big-game sizes.
  • QUALITY DESIGN: The unique, un-machinable, die-cast construction is coupled with a durable, interlocking, large-arbor spool design that both looks and functions like a premium reel.
  • HEAVY DUTY DRAG: A super-heavy duty carbon fiber drag package brings the utmost in drag strength, reliability and performance to the family.
  • EASY RETRIEVE: The large arbor is designed for speedy line retrieval and reduced line memory. Twin molded handle with soft-tough ergonomic grip gives you great feedback when pulling in larger species of fish.
  • BACKING CAPACITY: [5/6] 125 yards / 20 lb, [7/8] 200 yards / 20 lb, [9/10] 200 yards / 30 lb, [11/12] 250 yards / 20 lb

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ir?t=fishinghungting 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B013VO82HOThis is a product that surprises many people, including professional fly anglers. If you’re looking for the best fly reel under $100 that works for both freshwater and saltwater, the Behemoth is your best bet.

This reel has 5 different weights, from 4/5 to 11/12, with 4 colours (black, gunmetal, desert, OD Green) for you to choose from. Although the outside design of the Behemoth doesn’t leave much of an impression, the power inside it will astound you.

This product is equipped with a carbon fiber drag system, which makes it able to fight big fish like tarpon, salmon, bonefish, redfish, and pike. Besides, the deep V-spool also helps you control the line better and provides a higher line capacity to fight big fish. It is also known as the best budget fly reel for salmon.

Another convenient feature of the Behemoth is an oversized drag knob. It will clearly show its essential role to help you through those situations in complex situations.

Behemoth is the one of the best fly reels for the money, possessing an outstanding power for under $100. Redington once said that good quality reels do not mean high prices, and the Behemoth is a testament to that statement.

Key Features

  • Die-cast construction
  • Carbon fiber torque system
  • Twin molded handles
  • The oversized aluminum drag knob
  • Deep V-spool


  • Exceptional strength
  • Cheap price
  • Better controllability
  • Easy adjustment drag system
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Quite heavy
  • the handle is a bit wobbly
  • Durability is a question mark

Piscifun Sword

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel, CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy Fly Reel, Light Weight and Corrosion Resistance Design 3/4wt Black
2,284 Reviews
Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel, CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy Fly Reel, Light Weight and Corrosion Resistance Design 3/4wt Black
  • Solid and Lightweight: Precision CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for high-impact durability; The larger CNC hollow design makes the reel lighter than ordinary models
  • Silky Smooth Drag: Experience a silky smooth drag with the multi-disc premium carbon and stainless steel drag system, featuring a one-way clutch bearing for immediate drag engagement. Enjoy an accurate click drag and silent retrieve
  • Corrosion Resistance: Hard anodized for surface protection to enhance abrasion resistance and weather resistance. Cold-forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity
  • Mid-Arbor Design: Reduces line memory while facilitating lightning-quick line pickup
  • THREE-YEAR WARRANTY: Your reel has been set at the factory for left-hand retrieve. To convert it to right-hand retrieve or if you encounter any issues with our products, please contact us for guidance

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Continued is one of the cheap fly reels from a popular manufacturer Piscifun. This manufacturer has always come up with cheap products with unique features.

The Sword utilizes a multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system along with the use of a one-way clutch bearing for a smooth, consistent performance.

In addition, reducing the line held in the reel with the mid arbor increases the retrieve speed. This is a purported trade-off that both minimizes costs and offers uniqueness.

Moreover, The Sword is also made from CNC machined aluminum alloy, both creating high impact resistance and good corrosion resistance. This makes it your long-term companion in both freshwater and saltwater.

The weight of this product is greatly reduced with the large CNC hollow design. It has 4 available weights ranging from 3/4wt to 9/10wt and comes in 4 different color options. The Sword has a clutch moves in one direction, so you need to contact the manufacturer for instructions on the transition from left-side to right-side.

Before choosing the Best Fly Reel For The Money, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the warranty. Although the error is very rare, it occasionally does. Piscifun offers a 3-year warranty on products from them; you can rest assured to return if there is a defect.

Key Features

  • CNC machined aluminum alloy
  • Multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system
  • One-way clutch bearing
  • Mid arbor
  • 4 available weights


  • Smooth drag
  • Cheap
  • The large, non-slip drag knob
  • Good durability
  • Lightweight
  • 3-year warranty


  • Corrosion resistance is not good should be cleaned after every saltwater fishing trip.
  • Collect easy scratches
  • Can’t hold many lines

Sage Spectrum C

Sage Spectrum C, Reel W/Backing, Black, 3/4
235 Reviews
Sage Spectrum C, Reel W/Backing, Black, 3/4
  • 3/4 and 5/6 reels come with a 100 yard spool of 20lb Rio Dacron Backing - backing is not on the reel
  • 7/8 and 9/10 reels come with a 200 yard spool of 20lb Rio Dacron Backing - backing is not on the reel
  • Machined and anodized aluminum One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings
  • Large arbor for fast line pick-up
  • Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case

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The first product for over $150 on the 7 best fly reels for the money list. However, it’s worth what you spend; the power, speed, performance, durability, accuracy, all those features are above the good. Spectrum C is one of the best budget fly reels for saltwater, highly rated ever.

There are 4 weight options available from 3/4wt to 9/10wt, along with 3 different colours. You can process more lines with a large arbor. One great thing about the Spectrum C is that the 7/8wt or 9/10wt models come equipped with a 200-yard spool of 20lb Rio Dacron Backing.

With its CNC machined aluminum die-cast construction, the Spectrum C has incredible durability, making it a reel that can stay with you for years. Another feature only available on medium and high reels is a sealed carbon disc drag system, which provides strong traction and excellent corrosion resistance.

Key Features

  • CNC machined aluminum die-cast construction
  • Large arbor
  • 4 weight options are available
  • Sealed carbon disc drag system
  • The machined and anodized aluminum revolution drag knob
  • Ballistic nylon reel case


  • Good overall
  • Long lifespan


  • The price is quite expensive

Piscifun Platte

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Once again, Picifun has rolled out a product as great as ever, packed with great features for over $100.

The CNC-machined aluminum alloy body provides a high degree of rigidity and durability. Plus, the fully sealed drag means water, sand and grit won’t be an issue anymore; all of them will be prevented apart from the reel. You need to wash it with clean water gently, and the reels are ready to continue fighting.

The cheap fly reels have a heavily ventilated spool which gives both enough power to fight large fish and is lightweight for long-term combat with them. Besides, you won’t run out of lines when fighting them with the large arbor design.

All in all, this is the Best Fly Reel For The Money with outstanding power, lightweight, easy maintenance, and suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

Key Features

  • Fully sealed drag and CNC-machined aluminum alloy body
  • Heavily ventilated spool
  • Large arbor
  • The large and flattened drag knob
  • 3 weight options from 5/6wt to 9/10wt


  • Easy gripping knurled knob
  • High Durability, Outstanding Strength
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Difficult to change retrieve direction

Redington RISE

Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight Design, Large Arbor and Oversized Drag Knob, Freshwater and Saltwater, Amber, 5/6
282 Reviews
Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight Design, Large Arbor and Oversized Drag Knob, Freshwater and Saltwater, Amber, 5/6
  • RISE FLY REEL: The RISE is an elegant, lightweight fly fishing reel that continues our quest to think beyond the bounds of traditional fly reel designs.
  • LARGE ARBOR: It features a u-shaped large-arbor for quick line retrieve and a compact carbon fiber drag system that offers smooth fish stopping torque.
  • EASY RETRIEVE: Thoughtful details like the twin molded soft-touch handles and oversized drag knob help the reel perform in the hands of any angler.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: CNC machined, adonized 6061-T6 aluminum design with quick release spool for freshwater or saltwater fishing.
  • REDINGTON WARRANTY: If your Reddington product has a defect in workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace it at once - you have 1 year from the moment of purchase to make a claim.

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ir?t=fishinghungting 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01JJE5GKGThis product is probably quite expensive compared to other reels, but you get what you pay for. Based on our surveys from many anglers in the fly fishing world, more than ¾ of them rate this reel highly.

Before talking about performance, let’s look at its appearance design. It has sharp, modern aspects along with a number of color options that make it appealing to all eyes.

And certainly, the sealed carbon fiber drag system has added to the value of this reel. If you need a powerful reel for catching saltwater fish, then nothing is more suitable than Rise.

There are different size options, from 3/4wt to 9/10wt, but overall, it’s lightweight, combined with strong drag, making it versatile in various situations.

Key Features

  • Sealed carbon fiber drag system
  • Ultra-large arbor
  • Twin molded, soft-touch ergonomic handles
  • Oversized drag knob
  • Nylon reel case
  • 4 size options from 3/4wt to 9/10wt


  • Light structure, great strength
  • High durability
  • Nice design
  • Flexibility in many different situations
  • The smooth, consistent drag system
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easily change retrieve direction


  • Quite expensive

Orvis Clearwater

Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor Fly Reel - Smooth-Casting Fly Fishing Reel with Left or Right Hand Retrieve Conversion, Gray - II (4-6 wt)
299 Reviews
Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor Fly Reel - Smooth-Casting Fly Fishing Reel with Left or Right Hand Retrieve Conversion, Gray - II (4-6 wt)
  • CLEARWATER LARGE ARBOR size II for 4-6-Weight fly fishing line, 5.4 oz., 3½-inch diameter; and size IV for 7-9-Weight fly fishing line, 6.1 oz., 3¾-inch diameter.
  • SMOOTH-AS-SILK PERFORMANCE at an incredible value, delivering the best performance-to-value in the industry.
  • DIE-CAST FLY REELS with stealthy matte-gray powder-coat finish deliver performance comparable to more expensive machined fishing reels.
  • CARBON-TO-STAINLESS STACKED DISC DRAG with positive click drag knob delivers consistent settings every time.
  • EASY CONVERSION between left- and right-handed fly line retrieve.

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ir?t=fishinghungting 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07MBPD2LT
Finally, a reliable product from Orvis. Clearwater was created with the intention of being able to handle every situation, from small fish to larger fish, at an affordable price point.

What is appreciated about Clearwater is the smoothness; it is envisioned as Smooth-as-silk. To do that, it must be thanks to Carbon-to-stainless stacked disc drag, which reduces friction and wear, making performance as smooth as possible.

Click drag knob will make a soothing sound when turning; if you get used to this sound, you will love it, and it also grants you are relaxing moments. Besides, that drag does everything to be as consistent as possible.

All in all, Clearwater is the Best Fly Reel For The Money that offers smooth performance at an affordable price point. Along with that, excellent customer support has always made Orvis products gain the trust of anglers.

Key Features

  • Carbon-to-stainless stacked disc drag
  • Click drag knob
  • Large arbor
  • Die-cast with stealthy matte-gray powder-coat finish


  • Silky smooth performance
  • Easy conversion
  • Affordable price
  • Orvis Great Customer Support


  • The drag is not great
  • Corrosion resistance is not good

How To Choose The Best Fly Reel For The Money– Buying Guide

how to choose a fly reel

As I said, choosing the best fly fishing reels for the money is a complex process. You have to know the fish you’re aiming for, where you’re fishing, and the environmental conditions there so you can choose the features that suit your fishing style.

Regardless of one’s perspective, a long-time in the world of fly fishing or just a newcomer must rely on a number of factors to make a firmer decision about which reels to choose.


Certainly, to buy the Best Fly Reel For The Money, you must first look at how much you are willing to spend. If you spend most of your time fishing, you will need a strong, durable reel.

Conversely, if you only fish sporadically a few days a month or only during the holidays, you don’t need something too expensive. Owning a reel with powerful features for over $500 would be a waste.

Everything has its trade-offs; if you want too powerful features with great durability, they certainly won’t be reels under $100. Those reels are built with cheap materials, not too strong, not very durable.

In this article, we base it on the performance level and pick out the best in its price range. Therefore, that is also why the reels are above $200 in this list.


This is a fundamental factor you need to take care of before studying the other features of the reels. Because it will determine the life of the reels. You certainly don’t want your reel to only last a few months or break after a few hits.

Several types of materials are commonly used in fly reels, including Plastic, Die-Cast, CNC machined. Usually, cheap reels are made from Plastic, and of course, this material will drag the reel’s performance down.

Die-casting is the process of pouring a molten metal alloy into a mold. It will create a stiffer reel than Plastic. Even though it’s cheap, it’s not anodized, which results in it still being damaged after a few hits and rusting after a few saltwater fishing.

Finally, if you are willing to shell out some extra money, you will get a CNC machined reel. Now that your reel is anodized, its rigidity and durability will be higher than ever. Its corrosion resistance is also very good; you can comfortably use it in saltwater, don’t forget to maintain it after every trip to increase its lifespan.

In short, the best fly reel for the money is a reel that can last a long time, although it is a bit more expensive. It is an investment that never fails; you can use it for a few years, a few decades instead of just a few months or even a few days and have to buy a new one.

Drag system

The next thing that people are definitely interested in is the power of the reels, and one of the features that make up for that is the drag system.

First of all, you must determine the species of fish you catch to choose the right drag system. There are two types: click drag system (spring and pawl) and disc drag system.

If your goal is only small fish, you should choose the click drag system, it will not give you a big drag, but in return, it reduces the cost of the reels. On the contrary, if your target is big fish, your choice would be a disc drag system.

The next thing you need to consider about a drag system is what material it is made of. Wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon fiber, rulon, cork, ceramic, titanium, and others. And of course, their prices will be different, don’t choose it because the material is cheap, because the drag system is the main system of the reels, don’t for a little money in return for discomfort.

Finally, sealed or unsealed drag. This is a factor related to your environment; if you fish in freshwater, there is nothing to be too concerned about. However, if in saltwater, it is best to choose unsealed drag otherwise corrosion will wear down the reel’s life over time.

Size of arbor

It is still an important factor; it affects the amount of line held on the reel. Usually, there are three main types: standard arbor, mid arbor and large arbor. The larger the arbor, the more lines are held on the reels and the faster the retrieve.

If the reel has a large arbor, that means you can quickly pick up the line, thereby knocking down the fish. The quick retrieve speed means that you don’t need to adjust the drag system to suit each type of fish, just leave the default mode.

Besides, if the fish is free-swimming and is trying to pull more of your line, you won’t need to worry about running out of lines with the large arbor. It also helps keep the line straight during combat, keeping a consistent drag.

However, the mid-arbor also has its advantages. If you have a light rod, to be able to combine it you will need a mid-arbor fly reel. The smaller the Arbors, the lighter, so it still plays to its advantage in some cases.

But for an objective assessment, there are too many advantages to reels with large arbor. Therefore, we always recommend that the arbor be as large as possible, as long as it is within your ability to pay.


You are always told that balance must be maintained between the rod, reel and line. This is very important; the tackles will produce the best performance if you have a balanced combo. It is the basis of being able to catch big or small fish.


A side effect of cheap reels is that they can be made from less reputable manufacturers, not high quality; you can even use them for a few days from opening the box.

So you need to choose a reputable manufacturer, with a good warranty policy, ready to allow you to return the goods if you are not satisfied.

The reels we have listed above are all from reputable manufacturers; you can find the best fly reel for the money there.

How to use a fly reel

How Do Fly Reels Work

Before you want to master the use of the best fly reel for the money, you must understand all of its features to choose a reel that will work best for your buddy. Once you own it, you have taken the first step in your fishing career.

The next thing you need to know is how to adjust your reels, especially the drag system. If you could tweak it easily, you could experiment with other more complex techniques.

Is fly fishing hard to learn?

The complex techniques in the world of fly fishing will make you overwhelmed. It will be a long process for you to learn it, not to mention you can work on it.

The key factor to have is patience; if you can get through this process, you’ll spend a lot of your time.

There are a number of techniques that are beautifully manipulated, and the people who perform them are also known as artists. The longer you stay with this sport, the more you will surely love it.

Is Fly Fishing Hard to Learn

Tips For Budget Shopping

When it comes to finding a reliable reel without breaking the bank, it’s important to consider construction quality. With many options on the market offering excellent performance at more budget-friendly prices, you can rest assured that getting an inexpensive option doesn’t mean sacrificing great quality. Seek out a reel tailored for your intended use and trust that with careful consideration of its features, you’re sure to find one worth every penny!

Consider the reel’s construction

When purchasing the best fly reel for the money, it’s important to consider construction. Cheaper reels often have plastic or cast metal parts, but investing just a bit more in machined components yields far superior durability and craftsmanship that is well worth your investment.

From sleek machined reels to hard-wearing plastic varieties, selecting the right reel construction depends on your fishing and maintenance habits. If you are an avid fisher who is likely to put a good number of days in on the water or subject their gear to tough wear and tear, then investing in robust yet lightweight plastic may be best for durability purposes over cast metal which can easily crack from impacts. However, if appearances matter too, choosing a beautifully crafted casting reel will certainly make heads turn out at sea though they could potentially break or warp if mishandled!

Investing a bit more money in superior reel construction can be beneficial for anglers looking to maximize their fishing experiences. Machined reels offer long-lasting durability and improved quality compared with cast and plastic models, which are usually found on the lower end of the price spectrum. Investing just a little extra into machined reels could pay dividends when it comes to promoting an enjoyable outdoor experience!

Here are more tips for your budget:

1. Do your research: Make sure to read online reviews, do price comparisons and ask fly-fishing experts for advice on budget reels before making a purchase.

2. Don’t be afraid of used items: You may find some great deals on gently used fly reels from classifieds or second-hand stores.

3. Know what types of fishing you will be doing: Fly reels come in a variety of sizes for different types of fishing like freshwater, saltwater, and even specialty applications like salmon runs or trout streams. Knowing exactly what type of fishing is important when selecting the right reel for the job within your budget range.

4. Look for special deals and discounts: Many manufacturers and retailers have seasonal sales where you can snag a deal on the best fly reel for the money. Keep an eye out for special promotions and bundled packages that may offer more value than buying individual items.

5. Read the warranty information carefully: Most of the time, fly reels come with a manufacturer’s warranty so be sure to read over the details thoroughly before making your purchase to make sure it covers what you need it to cover.

6. Consider different sizes: Fly reels come in various sizes depending on the type of fishing you’ll be doing. If you’re fishing for smaller species like bass or panfish, then an ultralight reel might suit your needs best. On the other hand, if you’re targeting larger fish like salmon or pike, then a heavier-duty reel may be in order.

7. Look for features that matter: Fly reels come with different features from drag systems to large capacity spools and adjustable handles depending on what type of fly fishing you plan on doing. Make sure to look for features that are important to you when browsing through potential reels within your budget range.

8. Upgrade over time: You don’t necessarily have to buy the highest-end model right away when starting out fly fishing; as your experience grows and your budget allows, you can always upgrade to a more expensive model with better features.

9. Try it out: Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and found the best fly reel for the money, make sure to take it out on the water before committing. This will help ensure that you’re happy with your purchase and that the reel is up to the task at hand.

Good luck shopping for your perfect budget fly reel! With these tips and some patience, you’ll be able to find an effective and reliable option without breaking the bank.


What are the most popular brands of the fly reel?

Some of the most popular brands of fly reels include Orvis, Hardy, Hatch, Lamson, Ross Reels, Redington, and Sage. As you can see, most of these brands have the best fly reel for the money which costs around $100.

What is the most popular fly reel size?

When it comes to choosing the best size fly reel for your needs, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Factors like water type and target species can affect which is most suitable – but generally speaking, 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 are the go-to sizes for anglers of varying experience levels. For more specialized applications such as extreme conditions or unusual fish types an 8 weight or less may be required – but doing so should always come after careful consideration in order to ensure success on every outing!

What is a sealed drag?

A sealed drag is a fly reel feature that helps keep unwanted dirt, moisture, and other contaminants away from the finely-tuned drag system. This can help ensure the smooth operation of your reel over time and extends the life of its components. Generally speaking, sealed drag systems are the preferred option for anglers who don’t want to worry about maintaining their reels on a frequent basis or those fishing in particularly extreme conditions such as saltwater environments.

Are Orvis reels made in China?

No, Orvis fly reels are not made in China. They are created and assembled at their factory in Vermont, USA. This ensures that each reel is of the highest quality and built to last.

Are plastic fly reels good?

Plastic fly reels can be a good choice for anglers who find the best fly reel for the money or those just getting started in the sport, as they are generally less expensive than other options. However, they may not last as long as higher-end reels and do not offer the same performance or reliability. For serious anglers who want to maximize their fishing experience, it’s best to invest in a more durable reel.


Our role here is to guide, list the best fly reel for the money, and advise you. And in the end, the decision is up to you. You have to rely on the fish you are aiming for, where you fish, the weather conditions, and finally, your budget to choose the best one in the top 7 best fly reels for the money.

Factors such as personal preferences and budget need to be weighed against the performance of the reel, as well as its size, weight, spool capacity and drag strength. After researching all of the options available on the market, my top choice for the best fly reel for the money is the Redington BEHEMOTH fly reel. Its powerful design and reliable performance make it a great pick, worthy of making it onto any discerning fisher’s list when they’re looking for good value for their money.

Remember, these are just our subjective opinions; we evaluate based on testing, surveying opinions from other anglers to provide the best view. After you have skimmed through all those products, choose the best reel for you.

Good luck!

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