Are Spincast Reels Good?

There are too many types of reels for you to choose from. Choosing the right reel is very important because they are one of the main factors that affect the performance of the trip.

It is necessary to undergo a long-term learning and practice process that can be fully understood by the features and advantages and disadvantages of reels. The theme of this article is about spincast reel, I will share the information to contribute to your learning path.

Are spincast reels good? Yes. They have two outstanding advantages that are easiest to use and in line with the most budget. Besides, they do not appear issues such as line twists or backlash.

There are many criteria to evaluate a reel that is good or not including where fishing, targeted species of fish, condition, budget, and experience level. Below I will explain more details about spincast reels.

Are spincast reels good?

I asked 10 of my friends, there were 7 people who were not too interested in spincast reel if didn’t want to say they despise it. They say these reels are inexpensive things, only for kids.

What they say is only partially correct, they don’t need to be careful to observe the features of spincast reel and they cannot know its remaining advantages. Let me talk about their advantages and disadvantages.


The first two things I mentioned above make the spincast reel selected by those who don’t have much experience, especially children that are easy to use and their prices are very cheap That’s why they are best-selling in the world.

Today, many manufacturers have tried to improve the features of spincast reels, making it a peer position with spinning or baitcasting reels. Although that still cannot happen, it was very good when there was progress.

Looking at the design of spincast reel, they are covered and just leaving a hole on the head of the reel, the line out there. This helps the line does not overlap in the spool, avoiding backlash. Besides, it also helps straighten the line, thereby minimizing the status of line twists.

How do spincast reel work


We can’t deny there are a lot of disadvantages of spincast. I will list it below.

Line capacity

First of all, you can see the spincast reels often have a very small size, leading to the diameter of the small spool. These means fit less line on a spincast reel. Low line capacity will limit a lot to the performance.

Low quality

Second, why are the spincast reel cheap? It is often said that You reap what you sow, this is also true for spincast reel. The cheap price, the better the quality of the reel, even the capacity will not be good. However, that does not mean all, you can still earn good quality reels, and of course, the price will be high.

Short casting distance

Low line capacity, poor quality, and the line go out in a small hole on the head of the reel, which makes the casting distance will not be as far as spinning or baitcasting reel.

Besides, one thing that comes with a short casting distance which is low control capabilities, leading to accuracy was not as your desired.

Less durable

This is an anticipated factor for a reel only from a few dollars to a few dozen dollars. Most spincast reels will only accompany you in a single season, rarely longer.

Besides, with a closed face design, it is capable of retaining the dirt inside the reel and damaging your device over time.

Unable to fight with larger Fish

All of these disadvantages can show you spincast reel not for the big game, fighting bigger fish. However, if you use it just to catch the light and simple fish, everything will still be fine.


After reading here, do you still want to use a spincast reel? Although there is no denying that there are too many drawbacks on spincast reel however if you’re just a new angler, the fish you aim for is just the light fish, consider Spincast Reel.

I shared all the questions about the question “are spincast reels good?”. I hope this article is useful for you. Do you have any idea?

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